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Building Online Profile on Networking Sites to Enhance Job Opportunities

In today’s time, the maximum user engagement is found online. The presence on different social and professional networking platforms has become vital these days.

Even, these channels are most sought after by recruiting and staffing experts. The recruitment managers, these days, are giving a lot of significance to networking channels for recruiting talent.

As a student, do you want interesting career opportunities to knock your door?

And, do you want a medium to build a relationship with your future employers?

If yes, the secret lies in maintaining an updated profile on an online platform.

Having said, what is it that you need to do in order to enhance your online presence?

It’s simple!

Just follow the steps given below and you’ll be able to reap the fruits of your work done towards maintaining an active online presence.

Choice of a Platform

The choice of a networking platform plays a crucial role in maximizing your visibility to potential employers.

There are platforms that help you showcase your skills and qualifications to a specific group of professionals. And then there are platforms that can be used for showcasing your profile to a broader set of people.

The recommended professional networking platform that can help you meet your professional goals and career aspirations is LinkedIn. It doesn’t only help you build your professional network but also makes it possible to search for jobs.

Profile Building

Your profile on any of the networking platforms acts as your online resume. It must, therefore, be carefully drafted.

Don’t forget to include all the details relevant to your qualification and work experience.

Showcase your projects, awards, certifications, skills and volunteering roles if any.

Describe your role and job duties corresponding to every job position.

Remember, your profile is going to act as your portfolio. And it is through this portfolio that you need to attract employers and convince them that they should hire you. The secret lies in keeping your profile professional and attractive, thereby, maintaining its uniqueness.

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Focus on Establishing Connections

The connections you establish via online platform go a long way in helping you on the professional front.

You never know when a connection throws an alluring job offer or makes a reference for you. It always helps to maintain some meaningful connections in the field of your education/ work.

Are there any influencers or random contacts that you don’t know but wish to connect with?

Start off by sending them a friend request and a brief introduction about yourself. Don’t worry about not knowing them in person as adding people whom you don’t know is very much a part of professional networking.

Once you’ve added all your contacts, you must also try to stay in touch with them. Even more, keep posting regularly on your profile to make your presence felt by your contacts.

Grab the Right Opportunity

The final step is to follow companies in which you’re interested in working. Scan their job boards and keep a close watch on latest job openings.

If you find yourself interested in any vacancy, don’t delay in approaching an HR manager or someone else in a company with your cover letter (CV).

Maintain a professional conduct in all your communications and when a right offer is made, it’s time to accept it.

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