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Career Coach: How to Avoid Burnout while Studying?

Burnout, often, affects students of different age groups. It may even affect employees and parents of little ones. Burnout happens when someone tries to push himself beyond his capacity. The intention of that person could be to enhance one’s productivity and improve the output. If not handled properly, it can easily lead to depression and other adverse situations.

During exams or when students are preparing for competitive examinations, they have a tendency to stress a bit too much and this, often, leads to burnout. The result is a lot of anxiety and even depression in some cases. Therefore, it is a common sight to see the mental and physical health of students getting affected because of academic pressure.

If you’re a student, you would agree with me that burnout can have serious consequences with regards to your academic performance. No matter how hard you try to improve your performance, you will stop producing any results and remain ineffective at studies. There will be no focus and thus, you tend to lose all your concentration. Your grades may get drastically affected and as a result, your career will be put into a risk.

Different Strategies that you may Deploy to Prevent Burnout:

Don’t push yourself too far

Even if you want to perform well in your exams, studying for a greater number of hours than required is not really going to help you. It will only drain you of your energy and reduce your levels of concentration. Remember, it’s not the number of hours, but your efficiency that determines your overall performance. Stretching yourself too far can rather have adverse effects. So, you must plan your study schedule accordingly. Don’t push yourself into studying early mornings or late evenings if you are not very comfortable with the same. In fact, plan your study hours when you’re at your creative best or during your most productive hours.

Give yourself a break

Studying continuously for hours can be monotonous. It is important, therefore, that you plan your day in such a manner that you don’t get bored of your routine. Give yourself a time for sufficient breaks so as to re-energize yourself. An outing with friends or family may help you a great deal in avoiding a burnout. Keep trying new things so that you stay high on your energy levels. Further, taking time off ensures that there is no prolonged work exhaustion.

Seek help

In case you feel engulfed with negative thoughts of any kind, it’s time to seek some help. Remember, the most crucial thing is to never hesitate in asking for help. There is nothing wrong in approaching your mentor or a counselor when you’re experiencing negativity of any form. It could be that you’re on the path to burnout and counseling helps in avoiding it.

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Circle of Support

Irrespective of the situation you are in, it is important that you embrace life in its full glory. This is relevant even if you’re a student and are working your way towards creating a niche for yourself in the professional world. Remember, you must build a circle of support, that is, you must surround yourself with people who are willing to help you. They are those people who are happy in even going an extra mile when it comes to your happiness and sanity. They will snap you back when your mind wanders and you’re about to quit. They will help you in restoring the faith in your abilities and potential.

Final words: In case any of you is already suffering burnout, you must consult a counselor immediately. As this condition may, otherwise, ruin your career and all your professional goals.

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