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Careers that never existed but are trending NOW!

A couple of decades ago, it was very difficult to explain to someone how a digital marketer, drone operator or ride-sharing service can help you earn a living. Technology when combined with growing needs, urbanization, population demands, etc have curated a list of new job profiles and endorsed more scope for specialization.

With the developments in technology, the workplace we live in today and the one in the future would look entirely different. It may happen that over a span of five years either the job description will change or the same job role does not exist at all. According to the BBC investigation report, around 65% of the children enrolling in primary schools today will be recruited in the future for jobs that don’t exist yet.

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Also, according to CareerBuilder Hiring Forecast 2018, it was stated that 45% of the HR managers were unable to fill the job positions due to a lack of qualified people. As per the research conducted by Gartner, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will generate around 2.3M jobs in IoT, Digital Marketing, Robotics, etc. by 2020. So, here are some careers that never existed but are trending and in demand now.

1.     Drone Manager

Nobody would have thought that drones would become so common by the end of this decade. In fact, over the next couple of decades drones will become ubiquitous. The demand for Drone Managers is constantly rising. Pursuing a course in Drone Technology is a brilliant option to consider.  The drone companies will need experts to enforce new standards for maintaining and acquiring a fleet of drones.

2.     Data Scientist

The subject “Data Science” has already been introduced to the students pursuing any sort of digital education.  The subject teaches how to collect, clean and interpret the digital data sets. Today, the post of Data Scientist is the hottest and highly paid career in America. The job satisfaction rate has hit 4.4 on a scale of 5. Most of the big companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium are always on hunt for qualified Data Scientists.    

3.     Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, often known as AI/ML are two biggest and trending buzzwords in the IT industry today.  Big data along with faster computing needs have further sparked the AI/ML revolution. There are plenty of job options in this field such as AI chatbot developer, AI Copywriter, AI Engineer etc.

4.     Cloud Architect

Before 2002, the term cloud had a simple meaning. It was a white/grey fluffy thing in the sky that causes rain. But “Cloud computing” has given a new dimension to the IT industry today. With the coming of cloud platforms such as SAAS, PAAS and IAAS, the demand for cloud architects has skyrocketed.

5.     Blockchain Evangelist

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Blockchain have completely revolutionized the fin-tech industry.  The Blockchain evangelists are experts in cryptocurrency landscape and Blockchain Technology. Companies need them to brand meaningful content on digital and social mediums. Also, these evangelists help the organizations engage with journalists and other stakeholders in the cryptocurrency domain.  

If you really want to stand out from the rest of crowd and have a better future, then get started on your future career path today and opt from above mentioned careers.