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The Changing Face of Study Abroad

We have come a long way from only a few students choosing to study their semester or entire degree abroad to almost every student considering to study abroad. The experience of studying abroad has kind of become a necessary part of education in today’s world.

Given that employers, educators and everyone else have started acknowledging the benefits of studying abroad, there is a lot being done in this field so as to encourage students to pursue their studies in a foreign land.

The Changing Face of Study Abroad

Different ways in which the face of study abroad is changing is as given below:

  • Most of the foreign colleges and universities have their entire offices dedicated to international students so as to attract students from foreign countries.
  • Today, there are more study abroad options than ever before not only for summer programs but also for degree and diploma courses.
  • The importance of being aware and knowledgeable of other cultures is being recognized widely.
  • 91 percent of employers now recognize the significance of studying abroad for students, employers and society as a whole. (Source: CBIE)
  • When the students return back internationalized, they are able to make significant contributions to the business they join. Thus, more and more awareness campaigns are being launched.
  • The idea of studying abroad is being easily accepted by parents, these days, considering the number of benefits that the study abroad journey offers to a child.
  • Due to increasing awareness, the interest of students outside the traditional academic channels is increasing and they are now looking at non-traditional study abroad opportunities like overseas volunteering, internships, language courses, etc.
  • The students are using their creativity to find money so as to support their study abroad journey. Considering funding still remains a major issue, the exchange programs are gaining popularity amongst students. Also, the government along with several other institutions is willing to offer financial support to students who are looking at studying abroad.

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Changes That Are Still Required

Even though the study abroad has undergone a lot of change, there still remains a need for change in certain things. They are as follows:

  • The students need to come forward and demand higher quality education and study abroad experience in their home country in case it gets too expensive for them to travel abroad. This can happen by making it possible for them to connect to international students in their home country itself.
  • The academic settings have to be such that when the students come back after studying abroad, the international experience should deliver on them in a right manner. The settings should be such that the students are directed towards increased cultural competency. Also, there is a need for strong pre-departure orientations and increased connectivity amongst students studying abroad.
  • The safety procedures need to be adjusted so as to ensure students receive adequate support during a crisis.
  • Efforts have to be made to provide the right information at the right time to parents during a crisis so that right decision can be made.

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