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Cheapest UK Universities for International Students

The study in the UK doesn’t come cheap. It’s not only the tuition fees but also the living costs that are quite high making it difficult for international students to afford them.

Although there is a cap on how much domestic/ EU students can be charged for an undergraduate degree, the tuition fees for international students vary across the institutions. The tuition fees charged by some of the UK universities are so high that they can’t be simply afforded by students who are on a budget.

Given below is a list of cheapest UK universities for international students who are looking at starting their undergraduate degrees in the UK: (Source: The Complete University Guide)

1. Leeds Beckett University

It is one of the cheapest UK Universities for international students. The university is very popular among international students due to employability, specialist criteria and inclusiveness that it offers.  In fact, this university was ranked fourth in the UK for employment opportunities it grants to international students. 96.6% graduates of this university either work or study six months after graduation.  The annual tuition fee for international students in this university is £9,700.

2. University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire has two of its main campuses located in Luton and Bedford with an easy connectivity to London. With more than 24,000 international students enrolled in this university, this university is indeed a popular choice for students from all over the world.  This university has a graduate employment/further study rate of 92%. The annual international tuition fees charged in this university is £9,750.

3. York St John University

If it interests you to study in some historic town, York St John University could be your ideal study destination. The women enrolled in this university are more than men with its graduate employment rate as 94%. The annual tuition fee for international students in this university is £10,000.

4. The University of Suffolk

This relatively young university happens to be another excellent choice for international students who are looking at studying in a cheap university. The University of Suffolk has five sites, with its main campus located in Ipswich. There are approximately 5,000 students enrolled in the university and the annual international tuition fees charged is £10,080.

5. University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

For those looking at Wales as their study destination, the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David could be an ideal choice. Founded through the merger of some old universities, it is one of the newest and cheapest universities in the country. The annual tuition fees charged to international students is £10,200.

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6. Royal Agricultural University

It is one of the oldest agricultural colleges in the UK. The annual tuition fee for international students in this university is £10,000.

7. Glasgow Caledonian University

This Scottish university with more than 20,000 enrolled students has its campuses located in London and New York. This university charges the annual international tuition fees of £10,500.

8. University of Chester

With its five campuses in and around Chester, the University of Chester is famous for being located in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. There are around 19,850 students enrolled in this university. The annual international tuition fees charged is £10,500.

9. University of Cumbria

This is again a young university formed by a merger of old universities; the university is growing fast academically and geographically. The international tuition fee charged annually by this university is £10,500.

Final words:

As an international student, if you still find the fees charged by above given universities high- there is nothing to feel disappointed as there are abundant scholarships available that can easily help you fulfill your study abroad dreams.