Germany My Study Destination

What makes Germany an Excellent Study Destination Choice? 

Germany is one of the most popular study destination choices for many international students. Yet, it remains an unpopular choice amongst Indian students.

Many Indian students are not aware of the study benefits this place has to offer. Even more, they don’t know how attractive this place can be as a study destination.

Global Recognition

By studying at a German university, you get exposed to high-quality education. A degree from a German institution is recognized by employers all over the world.

If you have an interest in cars, technology or engineering; this is your place to be. You’ll not only get to learn in a reputed university but will also gain practical exposure.

The education system in no other country can beat the standards set up in this country when it comes to scientific education.

There are a lot of emphasis on practical education and learning by doing things. The students are made to visit world famous factories as a part of their curriculum.

Diverse Study Options

The higher education system in Germany is such that it caters to the needs and interests of each and every student.

Choose any subject and you’ll find a course dedicated to that particular subject to help you build a career out of it.

Tuition Fees

There is a good news for you if you’re looking at studying in a public university in Germany.

Public universities receive a large amount of funding from the government. As a result, you may not have to pay any tuition fees at all. Or, it will be a very moderate fee even if it requires you to pay a tuition fee.

This, however, holds true only for public universities in this country. Education in private universities can be as expensive as in any other foreign country.


If you possess a good academic record, there are bright chances that you may receive a scholarship to be able to manage your finances easily.

You may look for a number of scholarship programs available in the country by matching your profile with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship database.

Language is Not a Barrier

It is a common myth that if you don’t know a German language, then you’re going to have a real tough time studying in Germany.

It’s high time we debunked this myth!

Not only vast courses and degree programs are offered in English, but also the youth of the country is highly proficient in the English language.

It is, however, never a bad deal getting an opportunity to learn a new language and that too, German. Because it opens doors to many more promising opportunities the moment you step out from your university.

Living Environment

You don’t really have to believe anyone telling you that Germans are cold or anti-social. In fact, they are highly organized people who love to get along with others.

Also, because Germany is a popular study destination, you will find a number of fellow students belonging to different nations and diverse cultures.

Together all of them create an environment that is harmonious, loving and full of learning. By studying in Germany, you get exposed to an environment that is perfect for expanding your horizons.

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Even more, this country is considered to be very safe even an international platform. You can roam around freely and are likely to find police very useful.

*Career Coach Special Tip*

You may look for any of the mentoring programs that are offered in the country to adjust quickly into the system and make best out of your study abroad journey.


When you study in Germany, you get to live in the middle of Europe. There are a number of easily approachable destinations like Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris, Prague close to you.

Students studying in Germany make frequent weekend trips as the travel distance is very less and also because they can be easily afforded.

Final words: Choosing Germany as your study destination choice is one of the best decisions you can make in your student life.

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