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Why Study Abroad Experts  Recommend Choosing a Small City School?

When a majority of students think about studying abroad, the big cities and metropolitan towns become their obvious choices.

While we at “My Study Destination” recommend choosing your study destination on the basis of university rankings and subjects of study, we are completely against the idea of taking into consideration size of the city.

Because in order to gain maximum exposure and to get a feel of place/ culture in its true sense, you need to move beyond the periphery of big cities.

Notably, you hardly make any advancements in your career if there is a failure in getting sufficient exposure in your student life.

In order to help you with your career pursuits and to maximize your study abroad exposure, we have compiled a list of reasons for which we recommend choosing a small city school.

Saving Huge Money is Certainly a Big Deal!

Big cities imply higher costs of living and expensive accommodation. And, money is a huge factor when we talk about studying abroad. The money you save by staying in smaller towns can be utilized elsewhere to learn/ experience number of things in a new place.

There are a number of ways in which you save money by choosing to study in a smaller city. Not only you save bucks on accommodation, but also on commutation and food. Also, such places offer various attractive employment opportunities for students.

Getting to Stay Closer to Nature

Tucked far away from the madness of big cities, you are surrounded by nature in its virgin form. More than often, it does wonder in bringing out the best in you.

You get to experience unique things and indulge in adventurous and artistic stuff.

It is Not Going to be Boring!

Given that there are not huge distances to commute in smaller towns, the students get plenty of time to roam around and explore new things. You’re likely to make most of the excitement that is offered at such places.

This is, however, far from reality when you’re a student in any of the big cities. It is not practically possible to experience everything that is offered on your palette considering the costs and distances that are involved in staying there.

By studying in a small-city school, you’re not located far away from big cities. Also, you don’t have to venture far away to gain an access to all that is available in such towns. Perhaps you get to experience everything and that too by spending lesser money.

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Get to Know the Locals and their Culture

If you’re really keen on experiencing the culture of your study destination and learning everything about the place, you must consider staying away from a major city.

By staying in a smaller town, there are abundant options to interact with locals and learn about their lifestyle. In fact, you get a chance to stay like a local and do things their way.

Such experiences form a permanent part of your memory and influence your life in a great number of ways. You come back home as a transformed individual. Along with these life-changing experiences, you earn a degree from an international university that boosts your career prospects.

Final Words:

When shortlisting a study destination, you must give a fair chance to small-city schools/ universities for your higher studies. You are never going to regret this decision of yours in life!

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