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Most Comprehensive Guide Ever on Admission Essays

It is when you seek admission to any of the foreign universities, you get to know the importance of admission essays.

An admission or application essay is an essay that is sought by universities when a prospective student applies to college or university.

The application essays not only help the admission officers in analyzing and understanding the student’s candidature but also help them in evaluating his language proficiency.

Because there is a lot of competition these days, they form an important component of the admission process. While there is no thumb rule that determines the level of essays, it is important that you demonstrate high standards when writing the same.

For writing an essay that will make your profile look a perfect fit for the university’s program, you must demonstrate the following:

  • Leadership skills
  • Agility of mind
  • Innovation
  • Creative writing skills
  • Strong grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Strong aptitude

The universities are more likely to judge your essay on the above-given parameters. Because the statement of purpose (SOP) alone is not sufficient to prune the list of applicants, the universities, therefore, ask the applicants to answer relevant questions in the form of an essay.

Classification of Essays

Depending on the course and skills required for the same, admission essays may be classified into different categories as given below:

1. Depending on the type of questions

The type of essays may be classified on the basis of questions that are asked by the university. They may be related to:

  • Ethical issues
  • Career Aspects
  • Goals
  • Leadership
  • Success
  • Failure
  • Different situations

2. Depending on the word-limit

  • Very short essays of approximately 30-200 words
  • Short essays that are of around 200-500 words
  • Long Essays that are between 500-800 words
  • Full-Length Essays of more than 800 words

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Writing the Perfect Admission Essay

If you understand the importance of an admission essay, you would know how it helps you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

The important question that may, however, pop up is how to write an essay that makes your profile stand out from others?


How to write a winning essay?

While everyone may have different answers to these questions, there are some basic essay-writing fundamentals that remain same:

  • You must never re-purpose content. The best practice is to personalize your essay content depending upon the requirements of the school you’re applying to.
  • Keep a strong check on any grammatical or voice errors. You simply can’t afford to make any language mistakes in your document when applying to a college.
  • Give your document enough time to think through the topic and thereafter, create a rough draft. It helps to create an outline first and then go slowly with the writing process.
  • Reflect your thoughts in your writing, speak your mind and use your own voice. Don’t copy someone else’s idea. By doing so, you’ll be hitting a home run.
  • Don’t ever lie or brag. The admission officers are quite smart and well-trained in spotting your lies. And if that happens, you’ll ruin your application.
  • Make use of your creative writing skills to make your essay different and better from competing applicants.
  • You must adhere to the word limit specified by the college authorities. Failing to do so can simply result in the rejection of your essay and render your application invalidate.
  • Edit your essay several times before final submission. You may even seek expert opinions on your essays. Don’t hesitate in asking your teachers or counselors to assist you in editing your essay.

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