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Should You Consider Studying in Thailand or Malaysia?

Studying abroad in a Thailand or Malaysia is an option that is overlooked by most of the Indian students.

Even though both the destinations are quite close to India, the students tend to ignore these as their study destination choice simply because they are Asian countries.

s are quite close to India, the students tend to ignore these as their study destination choice simply because they are Asian countries.

The students, often, doubt the infrastructure of educational institutions in these countries and the quality of their educational system. There are feelings that there will be no uniqueness in the experience they will be getting from their study abroad journey.

We talked to several students studying in both countries to know about their experiences and level of satisfaction.

Surprising as it may be, the students seem to be quite contented with the educational system and the exposure that is being offered to them.

As stated by a number of students:

“Studying in Thailand or Malaysia is an experience that widens your horizons in a number of ways.”

There are different reasons for which we at “My Study Destination” recommend studying in both the destinations:

Affordable Study Abroad Destinations

Is it that you wish to study abroad but there are financial constraints that restrict your move to an American or Europen country?

What are the options in such a scenario?

Should you give up your dream of studying abroad in a foreign land so as to gain exposure and network with people from different countries?

In a given case, it is recommended that you consider moving to a cost-friendly study destination. Given that, there are no countries more cost-effective than studying in Thailand/ Malaysia.

The living costs in these countries are very less as compared to other study destinations.

Scope of Educational Programs

The educational programs that are offered by universities in both the countries cater to the interests of large segments of a student population.

Furthermore, both Thailand and Malaysia are considered to be excellent study destinations for doing majors in a vast number of fields like Biology, Business, Marketing, Environment, and more.

Also, there is an emphasis on practical-based learning and research-driven system of education to offer unique experiences to students.

Student Life

Both the countries are culturally diverse and are known for attracting tourists from all over the world. Therefore, you get abundant opportunities to travel and explore the surrounding areas while you’re student in any of the South-east Asian countries.

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There are no safety issues or crimes. Even more, there are no commutation problems due to the presence of easily accessible and affordable means of transportation.

As a student, you find it easier to adapt yourself to new surroundings because of cultural vastness and diversity. You’re exposed to a number of networking opportunities that go a long way in ensuring you a bright future.

Because you’ll be staying closer to your home country, it will get easier for you to visit your family and friends in holidays. Not only the airfare is economical but also the travel time is less.

Making a choice of studying in off-beat destinations like Malaysia or Thailand is a life enriching experience and is never going to disappoint you. You’ll come back home with a broader and flexible mindset and ready to accept challenges in your life.