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Study in the U.S.: Counseling Services on Your Campus

Are you planning to study in the U.S.?

If yes, studying in the USA is going to be one of the best decisions of your life. It is because the U.S. boasts of the best education system in the world with a majority of top-ranked universities located there.

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As an international student, your study abroad journey is going to be very challenging. In fact, it is going to be a complete transition into new life and culture. Because everything will be new for you, you might just go through culture-shock and this change is likely to affect you in a number of ways. You might find it difficult to adapt to new place and lifestyle. As a result, you may want to isolate yourself or you may even slip into depression. It is at this age when your mental health conditions become evident and can come to the surface. It can be very disturbing and lead to some serious consequences if you don’t take some action immediately.

What you must know is that almost every university/ college in the U.S. offers on-campus counseling services. The counselors there can help you by talking to you, discussing your problems and guiding you on what should be done. Their job is to ensure that you enjoy a healthy and stress-free time as a student at their university. Even more, you can discuss any confusions pertaining to your career and therefore, there is no need to take any sort of stress and you can easily maintain your healthy state of mind.

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It is recommended that you seek the help of a counselor as soon as you encounter any of the problems given below:

  • Feeling homesick for a longer time
  • When there is no desire to go out or socialize with others
  • Getting too much into smoking or drinking, or the thought of trying drugs
  • When you’re excessively worried about grades all the time
  • If you feel low on energy all the time
  • When your sleeping or eating pattern is not normal
  • If the feeling of loneliness refuses to go away
  • When there are frequent mood swings

You must not hesitate to visit a counselor on your campus as his/ her services are free of cost and your visit shall not be disclosed to anyone. If you’re not aware of on-campus counseling service, you can contact student health center and they will guide you to the counselor.

In case you find out that your university doesn’t offer counseling service (the chances of which are very remote) and if you don’t want to pay money to a private counselor; you can make use of the toll-free number given here:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – (800)-273-8255

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