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Trending Careers: Culinary Medicine Courses in Medical Schools

Culinary medicine is an emerging field that is being introduced in medical schools with a primary focus on providing evidence-based food recommendations to patients. It is a practical field of study dealing with the immediate needs of patients.

This field is gaining a lot of recognition due to growing awareness among people regarding the significance of nutrition in determining one’s health. In fact, it has been documented that specific eating guidelines are equal to or even more effective than prescribed medications.

These courses are quite beneficial for aspiring physicians irrespective of the medical career they intend to pursue. It is because patients tend to form long-lasting relationships with their physicians and often seek diet recommendations. The knowledge in this field, therefore, becomes important for physicians. Even more, they are relevant to medical specialists in those fields where a diet of the patient has a considerable impact on his/ her health when suffering from diseases like cancer, gastroenterology, and cardiology.

Culinary medicine courses are generally taught by a team of faculty members including:

  1. Physician
  2. Chef
  3. Dietician

Culinary Medicine Courses

The primary objective of these courses is to offer hands-on cooking experience to the students so as to make them learn how to prepare meals for people suffering from chronic health problems and thus, having dietary restrictions.

Their training includes:

  • Field trips to neighborhoods where there is a scarcity of grocery stores. This helps students in understanding the challenges that are faced by people living in these areas.
  • Imparting knowledge that will help course participants assist patients who are short of time, money or both by giving them options.

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Why Should You Study Culinary Medicine?

Given below are different reasons why medical school aspirants should consider exploring a course in culinary medicine:

1. Significance of Preventative Medicine

It has been found out that the traditional medical approach of treating patients after a chronic disease sets in isn’t working for society. The approach is, therefore, shifting towards mitigating the disease risks by counseling patients about their dietary habits.

2. Diet-related Illnesses

One of the most significant factors affecting health these days is obesity. The time demands doctors to provide clear guidance to patients on controlling their weight and maintaining a healthy diet schedule.

3. Creative and Interesting Diet Solutions

The study of culinary medicine makes it possible for students to come up with alternative dietary solutions for patients who have a number of dietary restrictions and are not able to figure out what to eat. The study, therefore, helps in expanding food choices rather than simply dictating what not to eat.

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