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How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety at the University?

It’s a common thing for students to feel stressed out during university years. After all, there is a lot expected from the students. There is a constant worry to meet deadlines, a pressure to score well and then there are job uncertainties to make things even worse. Even though anyone is bound to feel pressurized when there are so many things to be dealt with, there are ways to minimize the anxiety and stress levels as indicated below:

1. There is no substitute for having a good physical health.

No amount of marks can ever rule out the significance of a good physical health. If you wish to stay strong mentally, you simply can’t allow yourself to get run down and neglect your body. You need to take care of yourself by getting sufficient sleep, eating a proper diet and making some form of exercise a part of your daily routine. You may even start doing yoga and meditation to feel better.

2. There is no use running a rate race all the time.

By competing with others all the time and by being overly self-critical, you yourself tend to give stress and anxiety a space to enter in your life. What you must understand is that focussing on your mistakes and failures all the time is not going to solve any purpose. The best thing, however, is to learn from your mistakes and move on in life with a lot more confidence and will-power.

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3. Pursue a hobby.

By focussing on grades all the time, you tend to be more susceptible to poor mental health and anxiety issues. You should, rather, engage yourself in some activity that you are passionate about and love doing. By pursuing the activity of your interest, you will feel a lot more positive and energetic and it will even help you to network and engage with others over a mutual interest. You may also get involved in some volunteering activity. The experience of the same will not only look good on your CV but also direct some positive energy towards your mind.

4. There is no harm in seeking help.

What a majority of students fail to understand is that keeping their anxieties bottled up is never going to serve any purpose. Talking to others about your problems and feelings and even more, asking for their help will be more rewarding than you may think. What you must remember is that it’s not just you who is going through this phase. It is only when you talk and share things; you realize that you’re surrounded by a number of students who are experiencing the exact same feelings. It will make you feel less miserable and isolated.

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You may even consider talking to counselors on campus or seek the help of psychologists. Remember, there is nothing to feel ashamed of your feelings. In fact, the ones who are courageous to talk about their feelings in open are the ones who emerge as true leaders.