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Why is Dream Job a Myth and You Must Focus on Living Your Best Life?

Has anyone ever told you to follow your dreams and pursue what you’re most passionate about?

This is probably one of the most common advice given to us by our folks, but what if we end up building our career only to realize it later that we are not in love with our job/ work?

Does that mean we should simply quit?

Consider another scenario:

What if we have not found our passion or when there is no clarity on what we want to do?

Is it a wisdom to keep waiting for the right thing to strike your mind?

Things don’t work this way!

In fact, it’s crazy to even expect that you’ll gain clarity on your path at a tender age of 18 that is on passing your high school.

As pointed out by Daniel Gilbert in his book “Stumbling on Happiness”, it is not possible to predict our happiness. We hardly know what it is that will makes us happy in 5 minutes from now. Then, how can we forecast our levels of happiness in years down the lane?

What is recommended is that you relax and ease a bit and go will the flow! Eventually, you will find yourself moving on a path that is meant for you.

Scroll down to find a list of things that will help you put an end to worries related to your career goals and instead make you live your best life:

By Speaking to Others

It helps to talk!

By speaking to people who are sailing in the same boat or have already experienced what you’re going through, you are going to set realistic goals for yourself in the life. It will even help you in predicting your interests and happiness to a very true extent.

Acceptance of Some Hard Facts

It is extremely difficult to find never-ending love and desire for your job/ work. Only a handful of people is able to achieve this realization. It is alright to accept that there will also be certain things that we will never like about our work. Acceptance is the key!

When you start accepting the things as they are, you stop expecting unrealistic things and learn to deal with negatives in your career. It even helps you perform better and as a result, you start finding happiness in your life.

Experiencing Diverse Things

By trying new things, you enhance your creative skills and innovative thinking.  Even more, you tend to develop a wide range of skills. It is only by experiencing a new thing, you get in a position to decide if that thing will give you happiness in life or not.  Many times, it is out of these new things you pull inspiration in your life to do something different and bigger.

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Choosing Your Connections

You must choose your connections carefully because it is the network of your people that influence you and the environment around you.  It is the choice of your connections that determine whether they are adding or subtracting substance from your life.

When there are positive people around you, your chances of being happy increase as well. Emotions of any sort whether negative or positive are contagious.

The Key that is Balance

You must find ways to get highly engaged in tasks or activities that are associated with your work in order to get optimal enjoyment. The research suggests that human beings tend to be most engaged when they attempt doing something that is not a part of their skill set. The key, therefore, is to find balance and carry out activities that are engaging and promises growth at the same time. This can be done by exploring multiple opportunities and looking for ideas that are inspiring for you.

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