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Factors for a Prospective International MBA Student to Weigh in the U.S.

Are you thinking of doing an MBA in the U.S.?

There are a number of factors to consider for a prospective international MBA student given that there are a vast number of institutions offering a wide variety of programs in the U.S. with different concentrations. The entire process of deciding your future study destination for an MBA program can be overwhelming.

As a prospective international MBA student, you must carefully research all the available options and weigh factors given below so as to make an informed career decision:

1. University Accreditation

It is important that the university/ college you choose for your MBA has a proper accreditation so as to make sure that you get complete value for your money and access to high-quality education. Since an MBA involves a huge investment of time and money, the least you would want to see is all your investment going down the drain.

2. The Choice of an MBA Program

What you might already know is that MBA courses/ degree programs offered are of different types and sizes. There are options for on-campus, part-time, online, professional, accelerated and executive MBA programs. Not only the options vary for a type of MBA but also the subjects or specializations that get offered are vast and extensive. Your interests and educational/ professional background along with your future goals and career aspirations are likely to influence the choices you make. You must, therefore, carefully study all the available choices and evaluate the pros and cons of studying different courses.

3. Class Size and Faculty

The class size and faculty of the program you enroll yourself into plays a crucial role in determining the value you get from your course. It is, therefore, important that you research the experience and background of faculty members that will be taking up your course. Furthermore, the size of the course you take up should be small ideally so that there a maximum learning and interaction takes place among faculty and course participants. What you must remember is that the relationships you build with your professors during an MBA program go a long way in your career and play a significant role in helping you make advancements in your career.

4. Finances Involved

Given that MBA programs are quite costly- costlier than most of the post-graduate programs, you must ensure that you have a necessary arrangement for the funds that will be required for your further education. Although there are some scholarships available with an objective of offering financial assistance to a prospective international MBA student community, they remain quite limited in number and competition for them is extremely high. However, there are many employment options available for international students and those options are worth exploring.

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5. Pre-requisites

The requirements for different MBA programs and institutions vary largely. There can be a requirement for different tests, a requirement for an essay, interview, extracurricular or volunteering experience. You might also be required to take up some additional courses in order to meet the eligibility criteria. You must, therefore, know all that is required and time needed to prepare yourself for the same so as to avoid any disappointment at a later stage.

6. International Students

Another factor that is likely to influence the decisions you make is the number of international students studying in institutions that you’re considering for yourself. Obvious as it may be- more the number of international students, easier it gets for you to adjust to your new study destination. However, you might not want to consider an institution housing maximum international students in case you’re looking at all-American experience.

Some Final Words

As a prospective international MBA student, you must base the choice of your MBA program and institution depending on the factors given above so as to get complete value out of your time and money invested in higher education.