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How to Get Answers to Your Questions on Study Abroad

During this time, your planning along with preparations for applications to foreign universities must be in full swing. While you’re focusing your energy and efforts on gathering the desired information, there must be several doubts coming your way. Because they need immediate attention, you must be willing to know the reliable resources for gathering information.

We have listed some resources that can be of great significance for you in seeking all your answers related to study abroad:

Ask an Expert

Almost every popular career website/ blog and even publication ask its readers to send them their queries and get them answered by the experts in the field.

In case there is any particular website/ magazine you follow, your safest bet is to write to them.  Every website/ blog having a good reputation and name in the market will ensure you a quick and genuine reply.

We at My Study Destination get dozens of queries almost every day and our ‘Career Coach’ is dedicated to the task of replying them on a priority basis. Because we value the career of our readers!

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Because the marketing gurus reveal that readers have maximum engagement on videos, more and more videos are being launched by career coaches/ counselors to engage young minds. Many such videos offer relevant and practical information on fulfilling your study abroad dreams. Even more, many career counselors give you an option to schedule a video session with them. They are likely to charge you for the same but given that your career is at stake it is worth your time and money. It is advisable, however, to check the reputation and market value of the counselor before making any payment.  This can easily be done by reading reviews and feedback from his previous clients online.

Social Media and Online Communities

You can find almost every business on social media now. Right from the schools/ universities that you’re targeting to academic counselors, you can find the presence of almost everyone on social media. Even, most of them have their very active online communities. It gives you a chance to connect with to alumni, professors and counselors and engage in meaningful conversations with the resourceful people. You can use this opportunity to get all your doubts clarified and that, too, from the right people in the industry.


The research says that majority of internet users still read blogs to find about everything from small to big. The blogs offer information about latest happenings in the world, the quality of a product and even about the college / university rankings. You must, therefore, take out time to browse some good blogs and read the amazing content they offer on their platforms.

We are on a mission to help students realize their Study Abroad dreams. Feel free to contact us with any of your academic doubts. We promise a prompt reply.

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