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How to Get the Best Flight Price to your Study Destination?

It can cost you a lot of money every time you travel to and from your study destination. However, it is possible to save a huge amount of your money and get the best flight price by simply following some tips and getting creative with your search.

The tips on getting the best flight price to your study destination are as given below:

1. Know the Best Time to Book Your Flight

International flights tend to be cheaper when booked 6-8 weeks prior to the date of your arrival. It’s a good practice to set up a flight alert from at least one of the major search engines. The favorite ones usually are Skyscanner and Google flights.

2. Plan to Leave and Arrive Into and Out of a Major Airport

This can actually save a lot of your money. Most of the times it can help you save your buck by booking a separate flight into a major hub and then taking a cheap flight to your final destination. You must, however, leave enough time for connections as you might be required to go through security again or you may even have to recheck your luggage.

3. Know the Days when Flights are Cheaper

The general observation is that flights are cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and that too around 3 pm. It is because airlines update their prices on Mondays and thus, the competitors lower their prices to compete with others. The effect is visible on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as that is when you get the best flight price. The flight rates are most expensive on weekends.

4. It helps to clear your Cookies

You might not even realize this but this is true that airline companies and search engines will learn from your cookies that you’re looking at a certain flight and they will raise its price knowing that you’re going to buy it.

5. Get Flexible with Dates and Always Try More than One Search Engine

If it’s possible, you must try and get flexible with dates as it can help you save a lot of money. Remember to always check one or more search engines before booking your flight even if you choose to do most of your research on your favorite search engine.

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6. Make a Choice between Time and Money

By choosing a direct flight or with one quick layover, it might just cost you some more money but it will help you save time. It is, therefore, your choice to prioritize money or time and as a result, deal with inconveniences that might come in either case.

7. It Won’t help Waiting for too Long

If you find a flight at a good price and you’re comfortable paying that much amount, it makes sense to go ahead and make the final booking as waiting for too might just lead to increase in rates and thus, cost you even more money.

8. Cross Check with a Travel Agency

In today’s world of digitization, it might sound old-fashioned to get your air tickets booked from a travel agency but they might just get you a better deal and help you save a good chunk of cash.

9. Check the Luggage Allowance Carefully

Different airlines might have different rules for luggage allowance. Budget airlines usually charge for everything separately. You must, therefore, read terms and conditions carefully prior to getting your ticket booked.

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