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How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network?

Whether you’re a professional or a student looking at entering the workforce in future, online networking is going to be your most powerful tool. It gives you a chance to connect with influential people and not limit to your own city/ state. Such contacts in the industry can benefit you in a vast number of ways.

Talking about online networking, LinkedIn is considered to be the most effective platform. But to make the most out of your LinkedIn network, you need to leverage it effectively.

Growing Your LinkedIn Network

Given below are the tips that can be extremely effective and powerful in growing your LinkedIn Network:

LinkedIn Button

If you have a website or an online portfolio, a wonderful strategy for you is to include a link to your LinkedIn profile on the same. This will not only help you build your network but also make it easier for recruiters to visit your online CV and learn more about you.

Make New Connections

For a powerful networking, there is no substitute than to connect with more people in your industry. It is important, however, to make meaningful connections and not just focus on the number of contacts. The whole idea behind making new connections is to enhance your career prospects.

LinkedIn Groups

It might be time-consuming but it can be extremely rewarding to create your own group on LinkedIn and carry out meaningful conversations in the same. This will help engage members and enhance your online visibility.

Also, you must participate actively in important discussions by joining different groups relevant to your field of work.  Remember, your main focus has to be on the expansion of your network by joining groups related to your work. It will also give you a chance to stay abreast with latest happenings in the industry.

Even more, you can use these groups for the identification of influential people and experts in your field. Thereafter, you need to approach them and make new connections.

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Regular Updates

It’s important to stay active on LinkedIn and keep posting regular updates. You should work on curating interesting and engaging content on your own. If you find it difficult, you can always share the content of other people.

‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ Option

This option provided by LinkedIn can help you build meaningful connections in the industry. It allows you to see who’s looking at your profile and you can, therefore, approach the ones you feel can be your good connections. Most people have this option disabled on their profiles as it helps them to stalk others freely without letting them know. At the same time, you don’t even come to know when the other person visits your profile.

Using @ Feature

By tagging people and products in your posts using @ feature, you can enhance your online visibility and grow your network. It happens because the tagging feature makes you visible in the feed of people you’re not even connected with.

Significance of 500+ Connections

The size of your audience/ network doesn’t count much but the engagement of your network is something that really matters on this professional networking platform. What is most significant in your network is the number of meaningful connections and your active presence. Nevertheless, the fact remains that people with over 500 connections are considered to be resourceful as they are found to be more active on the given platform.

Endorsements and Recommendations

The LinkedIn doesn’t only allow your existing and previous employers/ coworkers to endorse your skills but also to make meaningful recommendations for you. When your profile has endorsements and recommendations in place, it makes you look more professional and competent. It is, however, very important in the world of networking to thank and appreciate the efforts of the ones who have taken time in endorsing your skills and writing a recommendation for you. You should, in fact, return the favor by doing the same for them.

Significance of Networking on a Daily Basis

If you’re serious about professional networking and are keen on growing your network, you need to dedicate some time on daily basis. You need to spend 15-20 mins every day to post updates, find new meaningful connections using the search function or group participation and send them personalized requests. Catching up with old contacts is also a very important component of professional networking.

By Adding Value

Remember, the key to effective networking is that you need to let people know that you can be a resourceful person for them. This can be done by sharing your knowledge or expertise in the area of your work and by helping others in their careers. Also, you need to engage yourself in the content that is posted by your connections. Networking is never only about you. When you help others, it pays you back in a number of ways.

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