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Highest Paying IT Certifications for 2019

More and more businesses are now looking at merging their business strategies with Information Technology (IT) in order to cater to the demands of mature and emerging markets. This has indeed created a wide variety of new jobs. In fact, there is so much demand that the supply is not enough and thus, industry job seekers possessing technical skills are highly sought-after.

For those who are looking at next big opportunity in their professional lives, given below is a list of top 5 qualifications and best-paying IT certifications for 2019:

1. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Scrum is a concept of an Agile project management. There are no pre-existing requirements for completing this qualification. Some prior experience of Scrum is, however, recommended. The estimated cost for completing this certification is $1,000 (£740). After completing the certification, you may easily expect an average salary of $106,940.

2. VMware Certified Professional 6.5

VCP6.5-DCV certification is of immense value for those who want to advance their career in the field of cloud management. The costs associated with this course vary from $4,200–$7,000 depending on the choice of training sessions. After attending a mandatory training session and successfully writing a foundation exam along with the final exam, you may easily expect to earn an average salary of $96,300.

3. Citrix Certified Associate – Networking (CCA-N)

This certification is meant primarily for those who work with the highly popular NetScaler Gateway. This certification is designed with an objective of validating the knowledge required for maintaining remote access (safe and secure) for businesses. The 5-day online course mandatory to get your hands on the certificate costs $5,000. After completing the online course, you’ll be required to sit for an exam. Those who possess certification in this field can expect an average salary of $99,220.

4. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching

If you wish to progress your career on the Cisco roadmap, the sure shot way of doing it is by possessing the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certificate. This certification is aimed at making individuals proficient in tackling complex network issues. Depending on your training provider the costs associated with a course may vary. However, the average cost associated with this course is $2,200. The average salary of Cisco Certified Network Professionals is $99,400.

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5. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Ethical hacking is one of the most trending careers in today’s time. Considering the huge demand ‘ethical’ hackers have these days, this certification offers a lot of scope for those who want to work in the area of cybersecurity. In order to sit for the official CEH exam, you are required to demonstrate a minimum 2 years of IT security experience and you must also possess a good knowledge of TCP/IP. The average salary of certified ethical hackers is approximately $106,370.