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Housing Tips for International Students in the U.S.

If you’re thinking about studying abroad in the U.S., you have to initially focus all your resources on getting the acceptance from a university of your choice. Thereafter, the most crucial task of finding your accommodation begins. It goes without saying that the accommodation contributes significantly to your overall experience of studying abroad.

Your university might be offering housing accommodations for international students. The foremost step, therefore, is to check with your university’s international students office if they are offering such programs.

If you’re not considering the university accommodation or if it is not available, you may either opt for a homestay (suitable for students under 18 years of age) or consider renting an apartment.

Even though there are a vast number of housing options available for students (considering to live off campus) so as to meet everyone’s interests and needs; it still remains a daunting task to research, finalize, and furnish your apartment.

It demands a lot of planning, research, and efforts to find a comfortable living place. Here’s a lowdown of tips that will make it easier for you to find an accommodation in your study destination.


Whenever you’re traveling or moving to a new place, location is always an important factor when deciding your place of stay. The same goes with the process of finding a housing in the U.S.

Would you want to stay close to the campus so as to cut down on your commutation time?


You won’t mind commuting long distances if you get to stay in a private neighborhood?


The place doesn’t really matter to you as long as it is within your budget?

Needless to say, it’s important to seek answers to these questions.

While safety has to be the most important criteria in your search process, the place you select must agree with your lifestyle, choices, and budget. You might also want to check if there are grocery stores nearby and what the public transportation system is like?

Accommodation Tour

You must try to arrange for a virtual or regular tour to the place you’ve shortlisted so as to understand the level of your comfort. It’s a good time to ask all the questions you have in your mind and get your doubts clarified. What you might want to know is if the utility items and cable are included in the monthly rental or not (which generally are not).


By renting the accommodation on a sharing basis, you don’t only save a lot of money but also find a companion in your journey abroad. Renting a room on sharing basis eases your financial stress and you get a companion for the sharing of household chores.

Quite a many universities offer services that help you find a compatible roommate in the academic year.

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Furniture Rental

What you need to know as an international student is that most of the U.S. apartments are not furnished. However, there are many companies like CORT, AFR offering apartment furnishing services. They will furnish your apartment with rental furniture, cookware, TV, linen, towels, and much more. Delivery and setup are taken care of by them and they’ll also come to pick the stuff up when your school year is over. There are different student-friendly packages monthly packages available to suit the budget and requirements of every student.

Useful Websites

Initially, you may check with the international student office of your university and they might provide you some leads for finding the accommodation. Otherwise, you can use the following websites for finding your accommodation but you need to careful of scammers:

Final words:

Before committing to a lease, or making any rental agreement; you must read the lease carefully.  You might also want to purchase “renter’s insurance” as the landlords are not responsible for the theft or destruction of your possessions.

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International students find it the most difficult while migrating into a totally unfamiliar country. To study & settle in the strange country also demands a lot of patience and courage. Finding a satisfactory student studio is one of the most stressful tasks for any student. As per my experience, students should try to find the disciplined room partners to study peacefully. As per my experience, the student can consult a company which provides housing services. I have studied in Greece and I also consulted a housing provider from which I got my accommodation. When you consult this kind of companies, the biggest pressure of getting a living place releases. This will help you concentrate on your studies.

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