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How can Fox Counsel be Used to Estimate the Cost of Studying Overseas?

Whenever you planning to study abroad, it is not easier to estimate or manage the costs that will be involved in your journey. Not everyone can afford the humungous money that is required for studying abroad and very few are lucky to avail the scholarships that are available for international students.

Even though there are a number of options available to procure education loans, understanding their terms and conditions along with payback schemes is not easy at all.

Is there any solution that may put an end to your financial worries concerning your study abroad journey?


You can now rely on the use of an authentic tool that can be used for calculating study abroad finances based on financial formulae. We are here talking about Fox Counsel. Fox counsel is a financial calculator developed by Vibhav Parikh with an objective of providing assistance to students and their families for planning their study abroad investment.

What Makes the Use of Fox Counsel Handy?

Everyone understands the importance of education in today’s world but there are many who contemplate the benefits of studying abroad. The mere thought of studying abroad raises several doubts:

  • Is it worth studying abroad?
  • What will be the return on investment (ROI)?
  • Is it advisable to seek education loans and what will be the payback period?

Given that there is not much clarity on financial aspects, students and parents are always seeking guidance from experts in the field.

In order to simplifiy the process and make it easier for students to live their study abroad dream, Vibhav deployed the use of financial formulae to develop a product that would provide assistance in terms of investment needed for studying abroad. The result was the development of Fox Cousnel. Fox Counsel can be used for estimating the cost involved in studying abroad along with the calculation of a specific break-even period. It, therefore, helps students and parents in making correct financial decisions.

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Using the financial algorithm deployed in Fox Counsel, it is possible to derive complete and accurate information pertaining to:

  • Break-even year
  • Crucial loan payment schedules
  • Expected range of salaries

Uniqueness of Fox Counsel

Fox Counsel deploys concept of opportunity cost so as to provide the output that is not far from reality. This helps in yielding accurate results to students irrespective of their location. To model:

The results for break-even years for a student in Australia and a student in India are different even if the university is same. Thus, the use of this financial calculator can be deployed effectively by an individual living anywhere in the world.

Final  Words:

The use of given tool can help you plan your study abroad journey in a much better and effective manner.

Should you have any doubts regarding study abroad, you must not hesitate in contacting us.

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