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How can we Bring Improvement in the Malaysian Education System?

There has been a debate going on regarding the fruitfulness of Malaysian education for several years now. In recent years, the issue of the proficiency of English among the school going students has re-emerged. Improvement can be definitely brought in the educational sphere with a few firm moves.

1.    Consistency is the main key:

Frequent changes in the syllabus are making the students confused about picking up and coping. Even, the teachers are facing issues with the changing syllabus, and the parents are finding it hard to help their wards. The reference work can’t help due to the changes happening every now and then. There is a solid need for a consistent program for educating the students.

2.    More concentration should be given on the coursework:

The current Malaysian education style encourages the mind-sets of getting good scores in the exams, being knowledgeable for the exam, and aiming for more numbers and grades. But, it is forgotten that excelling in the examination only won’t boost the critical thinking and problem-solving ability, mature the thought process and improve the presentation skills of the students. Students learn better and faster when they can enjoy the tasks at hand like an excursion, coursework, etc. They need to be engaged and interact and feel like an important part of the task. Only reading, writing and mugging up won’t help.

3.    Practical subjects are important:

The Malaysian education system is too focused on academics. It is causing problems in making the students capable of competitive graduates who will have to face the challenging world outside. More practical subjects are needed to be taught. Subjects like Civics and Citizenship, Health Education, Moral Education are good but these subjects not likely to prepare the learners for revenue generation and get jobs in multinational companies.

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4.    Honing critical thinking skills:

The teachers must provide encouragement to the students for developing critical thinking skills. They must stop the students to adopt rote-learning approaches. The purpose must be to make the students able to understand and gain potential. Memorizing is okay for writing test papers, but understanding the subject is crucial.

5.    The interactive teaching style is mandatory:

The spoon-feeding style of teaching is not going to prepare the children to be a good go-getter. The traditional Malaysian educational style is rote based. But, the technologically advancing world is more critical and changing rapidly. The economic scenario is becoming more competitive than ever. Interactive teaching method should be implemented instead of making the students pampered passive learners. The class learning activities should be designed in such a way that the students can be the active part of the session and put their own opinion through research and critical thinking on the table.  They shouldn’t shy away or be scared of experimenting and trying their own methods.

6.    Extra co-curricular activities are great initiatives:

The schools must cheer up the students to acknowledge the value of co-curricular activities so that they can be an integral part of them. The children can discover their inner potentials, interests and hidden talents along with the development of the values and accomplishments that will help them get ready to face the ever-changing world. They may choose their career based on co-curricular activities too.

7.    Stress on the English language:

For a few years, the educational institutions of Malaysia are focusing more on English. Still, more efforts are required to popularize English so that the students can mingle with the international domains and achieve success. Teaching English must be incorporated into the educational curriculum from the early stages. It will help the students having good command over the language.

8.    Teachers quality should be enhanced:

The schools should look after the improvisation of the quality of teachers by rendering them with ample training and knowledge-based workshops that will let them conduct top-class teaching. The schools must conduct specific programs for recruiting the best educators and train them with proficient resources.

Dr. Maszlee Malik has been committed by the rakyat with the crucial duty of improving Malaysia’s standard of education so that the students can be competent with the other progressive nations. To make it true, the educational system has to be free of the current flaws and integrate the above-mentioned points to upgrade the educational quality.D