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How to Get an Internship at Apple?

The internship at Apple, the technology giant, is a dream for many students.

There are endless benefits of interning at Apple. Besides working with the best developers in the industry, you get to work on real projects and develop skills that can help you make a fast progression in your career graph.

In order to bag this opportunity and move closer to your dream job, you may use the detailed information given below:

Internship at Apple

There are a variety of internships offered by Apple for candidates belonging to different backgrounds like software engineering, product designing, marketing and more.

The duration of the internship offered is minimum 12 weeks. It’s a perfect opportunity for students who are looking at getting a decent salary and the best industry experience.

One of the many good things about interning at Apple is that you are put on real projects, unlike other internships where your role/ contribution to the company hold no significance.


While a comprehensive list of requirements can be found on the Apple job search site, the basic requirements for becoming a Software Engineering intern at Apple are as given below:

  • Good understanding of Computer Science basic concepts
  • Impeccable communication skills so as to be able to communicate technical concepts to a person with non-technical background
  • Strong desire to learn and succeed in a challenging environment
  • Experience with C, C++, Unix and Linux
  • Development experience in Objective-C, Swift, XCode and Cocoa for Mac OS X and iOS

Some Useful Tips

Because the internships at Apple are in huge demand, the secret to landing yourself a dream internship lies in making sound preparations and early applications. The tips given below should be of great help with your application procedure:

  • You must keep a close watch on the roles being posted on the Apple job board. As soon as the role for which you possess the desired skill set gets posted, you should apply. And, there is absolutely no harm in applying for more than one role.
  • Before making an application to Apple, your online portfolio should be ready. You can use it to showcase your accomplishments so far.
  • Work on some projects that can demonstrate your passion for technology, innovative mind and entrepreneurship skills. Apple takes such skills into serious consideration before selecting their interns.
  • A short CV always acts in your favor as recruiters really don’t read CVs. Your primary goal should be to highlight your skills and accomplishments in minimal words.
  • Make thorough preparations for the interview.
  • It can help you to make use of your connections. By having a connection to any of the current employees can boost your chances of selection.
  • Apple cares a lot about volunteering projects that have been taken by you.
  • The sooner you start making preparations for your CV to compete against other applicants, the better it is.

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The Interview Process

Even though the interview process varies from one department to another, the basic process remains the same:

  • You’ll be given a call for the interview in case your CV gets shortlisted.
  • You are likely to be given a task for its completion in a certain amount of time to demonstrate your proficiency for the given role.
  • After the task completion, a few rounds of the telephonic interview may be conducted where you’ll be asked questions requiring solutions.
  • A face-to-face interview is likely to follow after a few rounds of phone interviews.

Note: A ‘Thank-you’ Note after every round of interview is important if you wish to leave a positive impression on an interviewer.

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