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How to Become an International Journalist: Trending Careers

Are you curious about things happening in the world and is there a passion for reporting events in a foreign land?

Above all, are you willing to exit your comfort zone to do something that not everyone else can do?

If yes, our career coach recommends you to explore a career in international journalism and consider becoming an international journalist.

How to Become an International Journalist?

The foundation has to be laid by pursuing a course/ degree program in journalism or mass communication from a reputed institution/ university. Some employers prefer candidates with degrees such as Masters in Journalism along with a specialization in international reporting/ foreign affairs.

Thereafter, give your career a kick start by gaining industry experience of working with local or national news agencies for a couple of years.

You’ll have to work real hard to earn credits for gaining an opportunity of working on abroad assignments.

Become an International Journalist

Do you wish to maximize the chances of your getting the desired opportunity of working on an overseas project?

Master the local language of the region you wish to cover. Even more, try to learn about the region’s history, culture along with the current happenings.

The successful international journalists are those who find a different kind of joy in learning new languages, exploring different places and even pushing themselves beyond their comfort levels.

Working Conditions

As an international journalist or a foreign correspondent, you may either work for one media house/ news agency or take up the role of a freelancer. You may have to work in the field or in a news head office located in a new place or both.

Your life as a foreign correspondent is a complete opposite of a usual 9 to 5 gig. You need to be on call immediately when there is a news byte.  You might be posted in different locations away from your home. Your postings are completely unpredictable and you will have to adapt to new place and culture every time there is a new posting. Even more, you might get posted in regions of war or conflict and therefore, will be exposed to risks and danger associated with that place. All these risks are, however, completely worth the amount of satisfaction you get by working in your niche. Finally, the given career choice can be extremely rewarding and be fulfilling if you’re dedicated towards your profession.

As a part of your job, you will not be only reporting or writing stories but will be enriching your skills by performing multiple tasks like filming and photography.

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The average annual salary for an international journalist ranges from $50,000 – $75,000. Given that, there is a potential of making $100,000 per year for the given role.

Source: Ferguson’s Careers in Focus 

The demand for international journalists is expected to remain stable. It will neither increases nor decreases. In fact, there is a lot of scope in this line taking into consideration the immense popularity of online media.

Final Words:

If you are truly passionate about working as an International journalist, the success mantra lies in gaining as much experience as possible and immersing yourself into a foreign culture.

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