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How to Find a Job at a Startup

There are quite a many people who understand the benefits of working for start-ups. They understand such startups offer abundant career opportunities along with a warm and friendly work environment. Not only you get to work with like-minded people but also it’s pretty much cool to work for start-ups.

Although there are multiple benefits of getting a job at a start-up, it can also prove to be risky as there is not much stability in the job. Your pay packages are not going to be very fancy and more such things. Yet there are many who are ready to take the plunge and are keen on getting placed at some good start-up. But what they don’t know is how to go about the process of finding a job at a startup of their choice?

Before you move ahead, what you must know is that positions at start-ups are not advertised on popular job boards. Nevertheless, there are job boards that advertise vacancies only for startups.  By looking at such job boards, it might be possible for you to find a job of your interest.

If this doesn’t work, there are many other strategies that can be deployed to make the process of hunting a job at startup easier:

Network with a Purpose

The network plays a crucial role for every job seeker. It becomes even more important when you’re targeting a job at a startup.

There are different methods that can be deployed for building a network:

  • Look for key people at events you attend for networking
  • Keep your primary objective in mind while meeting new people
  • Don’t just introduce yourself to ‘start-up-ers’ you happen to meet but share details and information that might interest them in knowing you more.

Attend Startup Events

By attending startup events that are happening nearby, you get to meet like-minded people. Even more, it is at such places where there is a maximum probability of finding a startup job that will match your potential.

Contact Startups Directly

Are you ready with your list of startups you’re interested in working for?

If yes, the next step is to contact them directly.

Talk about yourself, why you are passionate about working for them and then highlight why you would be an ideal fit for their company.

When you contact them directly, it convinces them you are really keen on working for them and are willing to put extra effort. For startups, your passion is more important than your experience. All you need to do is demonstrate it effectively.

Approach a Recruiter

Did you know that there are people who specialize as startup recruiters?

They are people who can be your excellent resource in finding a job in the startup world. You can approach them through professional networking events. Also, you may even contact them online via any professional networking platform such as LinkedIn.  Such people, often, have direct contacts with major startups in the market. Even more, they are quite experienced and are capable of guiding you in a right direction.

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