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How to Make a Good First Impression at an Interview?

Hiring managers are always quick in developing an opinion of you. Thus, you simply can’t afford to let go off any time if you really wish to make a good first impression at an interview so as to be able to get your dream job.

Given below are certain most effective and powerful tips that can help you maximize your chances of making a good impression on the hiring manager:

1. A Firm Handshake

This is not something new. Most of you would already know that the most important part of your introduction is the handshake. The trick is to offer a firm handshake that reflects your high levels of confidence. In case the interviewer doesn’t reach out first, you should outstretch your arm out of goodwill and offer a firm handshake. 

2. Do Your Homework

You must go prepared and find out all there is to know about the company while you are preparing for the interview. The information can be found out from company’s website, LinkedIn and other resources. When you equip yourself with relevant information about the company and incorporate the same in your answers, it reflects your interest in the company and the role for which you are appearing for an interview and it is a huge plus point.

3. Timing is Important

You can’t get the timing wrong and afford to show up late for an interview. Arriving late for an interview is a big No! Showing up ridiculously early is not a good idea either. It’s best to arrive at a reasonable time which is 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time for your interview. Timing is important as it reflects your punctuality and professionalism.

4. Your Online Footprint

Employers are likely to check your social media presence to understand more about you before your interview. This means you would want to review your presence on all social media platforms to ensure you have a strong online presence and also to demonstrate your professional image.

5. Smile

A smile can be infectious. Thus, there is no way better to greet your interviewer than with a genuine smile. Because a genuine smile makes you appear approachable and friendly, it allows the hiring manager to make an instant connection with you. There is also a scientific reason as to why you should smile in a stressful situation like your job interview. Smiling relaxes your nerves and releases feel-good chemicals to your brain, giving you desired confidence and peace of mind.

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6. Eye Contact

Eye contact is important for conversations of all types. By maintaining a proper eye contact with your hiring manager, you tend to show that you’re fully engaged in the conversation and that you’re very serious about what is going on.

 7.  Remember Your Interviewers’ Names

It’s always an amazing idea to remember the names of your interviewers and use them a couple of times throughout the interview. A personal touch is always better while addressing others and even more it holds a lot of significance for the other person.

8. Bring Only the Essentials

It is always a good idea to bring only the essentials with you and avoid creating a mess while trying to find your portfolio or any other important documents.

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