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Indian Student Visa Frauds: Types and Prevention Tips

The student visa frauds in India pop up almost every day. Here, I am not talking about the fraudulent visa applications filed by students. In fact, I am talking about students getting duped by people who claim to offer assistance to students in their study abroad journey.

The visa frauds in the education sector are endemic. The frauds are broadly categorized into two types:

1. Legal Frauds
2. Ethical Frauds

In legal frauds, there is an intentional misrepresentation of facts so as to falsely claim money from you in an exchange of a service that is never ever provided.

While people are gaining awareness about legal frauds, there still remain a lot of ignorance about ethical frauds. Notably, ethical frauds are worst in an educational sector.

What are Ethical Frauds?

Fraud educational consultants would take up your visa case even if they know there would be a rejection. They don’t do it because they feel it can be made possible for you. In fact, they do it because they want to earn their consultation fee. And it doesn’t matter to them even if you lose your tremendous amount of money in the process. It is, therefore, a case of an ethical fraud where a visa is filed for a student even when he doesn’t meet visa or admission pre-requisites.

Prevention Tips

Here is a lowdown of steps you must follow to safeguard yourself against any such frauds:

A. You must carefully scrutinize the profile of your counselor. This includes finding answers to several questions as listed below:

• What is the educational background of your study abroad counselor? Has he got any experience of studying in a foreign university?

• Does he gets personally involved in the applications of his clients or leave them entirely to the mercy of his staff members? You can’t expect much from counselors who have no personal involvement in your visa application.

B. Check the ratings and reviews of the services provided by the chosen counselor online or from his previous clients. The primary reason, such businesses thrive is their word of mouth publicity. If they are really good, you would find that there is no dearth of clients and good reviews about them.


Never fall into their marketing strategies. Base your decision on other students’ experiences and recommendations. Even more, never choose a person as your career guide just because he is your acquaintance. What you should be really concerned about are his experience and market credentials.

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C. Never make down payments to your educational consultant. Rather, you must pay their fee only in installments and that too, after you start achieving milestones.

Also, you must always pay your tuition fee directly to the universities and don’t involve any third party in the entire process. You may, however, seek their help whenever required.

D. Before finalizing the services of any consultant, you must visit his office. The infrastructure of a place must be analyzed carefully to determine his market reach. And, to know if he is settled there permanently or is on a rental basis. Even, it will easier for you to judge which place has more footfalls and is, therefore, more trustworthy.

E. When you visit him, you must talk to him about his experience in cases similar to yours and their success rate.

Final words: Before choosing your career coach, you must possess complete information about him. Remember, our career is a one-time choice and we can’t put it at stake or in the hands of irresponsible or deceitful people.

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