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What makes Indian Students Great Interns in International Universities?

It’s no secret that more and more students are now looking at studying in reputed international universities. With the increasing awareness regarding the benefits of studying abroad, no one wants to be left behind. The proportion of Indian students in international universities has increased significantly. Yet there exists stigma regarding Indian students when we talk about internships and work opportunities. The reasons could be variegated. It could be due to language barriers or cultural differences or even due to no major reason as such. It’s never easy to find an internship or to be able to work in a foreign country. Given that, there is no need for Indian students to feel disappointed as they are often considered great interns and excellent hires by employers all over the world. The reasons are as listed below:

Hardworking and Determined

The local students are always at an advantage of knowing people in the city. They don’t either have to worry much about the expenses that are being incurred on their education. As a local, they tend to save a lot of money on accommodation, food, and many more things. Because the international students don’t have this luxury, they are always careful in making the most of the available opportunities. It’s even worse for Indian students. Because of the weak strength of their currency, they have to be very careful with their expenses. Most of them get enrolled in international universities with an objective of settling permanently in their study destination. Therefore, you will find that the majority of them are driven by hard work and motivation. They are determined to make it big in their lives. Even more, they are willing to do whatever it takes to make their resumes shine. Thus, you’re likely to find an Indian intern/ employee very dedicated to the given task in the workplace.

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Exposure to Different Cultures

Indian students tend to have an exposure to different cultures. It, therefore, helps them bring a great deal of differentiation at their workplace. Not only they have a potential to make major contributions in the field of foreign markets but also they are very adaptive. They are open to learning and are willing to work harder for the growth of an organization with which they are working.

Diverse Workforce

The employers are open to recruiting Indian candidates because they find them quite hardworking. Also because they add diversity to their workplace. And diversity is an important component of success and growth for any organization. The diverse culture of an organization not only attracts top talent but also clients in large numbers and that too from different parts of the world.

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