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Reasons for Indian Students Wanting to Study Abroad

The students from India are increasingly looking at opportunities for studying abroad both at undergraduate as well as graduate levels. According to the data shared by government, it is estimated that around 5.53 lakh Indian students are studying overseas in 86 different countries. The reasons for Indian students wanting to study abroad and thus, pushing themselves to make choices in that direction are abundant.

The objective of writing this post is to highlight all those reasons that are motivating Indian students of all types to consider study abroad choices. They are as given below:

1. Limited Options for Students in India

Most of you would agree that when bright students look for a decent course or an institution in order to pursue their higher studies, there are limited options for quality programmes as well as top-ranked institutions. Although the choices are extremely limited, the competition for the available seats, however, is extremely tough.  Only a few students make it to top quality institutions and thus, get an access to the educational system that is at par with international standards. The remaining students, even if they are talented and have a lot of potential, have to settle themselves with below average choices. Finally, the choices of programs or institutions they are left with are not internationally competitive and these choices, therefore, affect their careers drastically in the long run.

2. Highly Competitive Foreign System of Education

The programs that are offered in foreign universities are not only prestigious but also high in demand by the employers. Furthermore, the academic institutions offer advance research provisions and several other facilities. Although education in a foreign university can be quite costly, there are a vast number of scholarships and student jobs available to help students manage their expenses.

3. Permanent Settlement in a Foreign Land

Studying abroad is often seen as a gateway to permanent settlement in a foreign land or the first step towards emigration. Data from the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates highlights that more than 80 percent of students belonging to India and other Asian countries completing their Doctoral degrees in the U.S. choose to settle there permanently. The reasons for not returning to India are variegated- higher salaries, excellent job perks, improved quality of life, better access to technology and research facilities and many more.  While there are some who might consider coming back to India after completing their education overseas or later in their careers, their numbers are quite small.

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4. Increasing Awareness

As parents and children are both gaining awareness, they understand the significance of studying abroad. They truly understand the exposure the students get by studying abroad in a foreign university remains unmatched even today despite all the growth and advancements that are taking place in India. Not only they get to meet people from different countries of the world, they get exposed to culture and environment that is entirely different from theirs and this helps them become more adaptable and flexible in nature.

Finally, Indian students wanting to study abroad are growing more and more in number. It is only if significant investment, in terms of technology and infrastructure, is made in the Indian academic system of education; we can expect a reverse shift in the trend that is moving largely towards foreign education.

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