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Steps to Determine if International Internship is Right for You

What is the primary objective of an internship, you plan to do in a foreign country?

In my opinion, the major reasons for doing an international internship are as listed below:

  • To gain exposure to a new place, different culture, or workplace environment.
  • Learning to adapt quickly to new surroundings.
  • To make your profile strong and give your resume a boost.

Because the experience you get from an international internship remains with you for a lifetime, it is important that you avail a right opportunity.

That is, you must determine if an internship you’re considering is right for you and suits your interest or not.

Needless to say, an international internship requires you to relocate overseas. It, therefore, consumes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Thus, the decision must be well-informed and thought upon from different perspectives.

Here is a lowdown on steps that will help you determine if you’re moving in a right direction:

Workplace Assessment

Our Career Coach insists on assessing the workplace on different parameters before accepting an internship.

You must conduct a thorough research on a company’s profile, workplace environment, employees and general work environment/ culture, followed by an organization.

Talking to existing staff or finding information online can play a significant role in your decision-making process.

Remember, the entire purpose of an internship gets wasted if there is a mismatch between your personality and workplace environment.

Evaluation of Your Skills

It is always a huge commitment accepting an internship outside your country!

You’ll be exposed to a work environment that will not be only new but also based on real time. Nevertheless, it is a daunting task to accept the challenge of working in such an environment.

Our Career Coach, therefore, recommends the fair assessment of your skills and levels of knowledge to analyze the adjustment issues that you might have to face.

It gets convenient and a lot easier to thrive in a new setup if you already possess desired set of skills and when there is a technical know-how.

Understanding Your Interests

An internship concerns months of practical application of work in a chosen area of the field. Your nature of work and the job assigned to you may vary largely depending upon your profile.

What is important concerning the whole concept of an internship is a fact that it must match your areas of interest. Even more, it must be relevant to the field of your study or work.

Doing an internship just for the heck of getting a certificate is of no use.

Therefore, you must spend time analyzing your interests, and understanding work that inspires you and motivates you to deliver and perform.

It makes a lot of sense to find an internship in a field of your interest than to simply grab any random opportunity that comes your way.

Even more, you must carefully scan the list of tasks and duties that you’ll be assigned as a part of your internship. Also, find out the number of hours you’ll be expected to work in a week. It will help you understand the nature of work and determine your levels of interest in a given internship.

Final Words:

It is quite a difficult task to find an internship that is right for you given that there is a fierce competition between the available options. You need to be reasonable when striking off the list of available options, especially when there is a reasonable match between your interests and the existing opening.

Notably, not always an opening that is only a 100% match for your likes proves to be beneficial.

Don’t know where to look for an international internship? Our Career Coach recommends making use of the resources given below:

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