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Study Abroad Journey: Why is International Networking Important?

Getting to study in an international university, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people is exhilarating.

There are various benefits of studying abroad. Not only does it make you a better individual but also brightens your future prospects. However, it completely depends on how you grab the opportunities that come your way.

The most important thing to do while studying abroad is to focus on international networking.


It will help you in case you get bitten by the international bug and if you decide to pursue your career abroad after the completion of your course.

Also, it will be beneficial in case you decide to come back to your homeland and start something on your own or pursue a job.

Navigating the job market is always tough both in the international market as well as domestic market. It becomes a lot easier if you have some contacts in the industry. And, that is made possible only through networking.

Some Unique Tips for Networking on a Large Scale

While networking is important for your professional goals, it is much more difficult in this technical world than we ever thought it to be.

Is it simply sending your potential employer a “CONNECT” request on LinkedIn? And thinking that you’ve sailed it through if that request gets accepted?

No..There is a lot more to this term “NETWORKING”.

There are some useful techniques that you may deploy to make yourself a part of the strong professional network while you’re still studying.

  1. Narrow down the companies you may want to work for in the future. Research about them online and never miss a networking chance your university/ college offers you.

You never know you might just run into the representatives/ professionals from a company you’re really keen on working for.

It’s always an excellent idea to grab a drink and initiate conversation with your new contacts. Share your knowledge and demonstrate different ways in which you can be an asset to their companies.

Have specific questions and let them answer.

It’s all about breaking the ice and you will easily find your way.

  1. Once you’re convinced about the type of industry you want to work for, start thinking about different ways that you may use to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

You may think of developing your personal brand across various social media or professional networking platforms. This can be done by publishing relevant content across different channels.

The content, however, must represent your ideas, beliefs and motivate the audience to reach out to you. Your content will expose you to industry connoisseurs and thus, you can grab the opportunity of making a connection with them.

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  1. Always stay in touch!

Never lose contact with your connections. Make it a point to let them know you’re available. Remind them of your presence by frequent updates on your professional networking and social media websites.

You may also gain their attention with intriguing posts of yours.

This is important as they might want to hire you one day or might know someone who is interested in hiring a person like you.

  1. Never miss an opportunity to attend any event that offers you a networking chance. It could be organized by your university/ college or some organization.

Remember, it’s all being in a right place at the right time. Such events give you a chance to explore an array of possibilities on a professional front.

Final Words: Networking is vital while pursuing your higher studies irrespective of your study destination or type of course. Your professional success depends a lot on the number of contacts you’ve managed to maintain in the industry.

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