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International Student Houses Help You Find Global Student Community

All international students studying abroad who take up their residences at International Student Houses tend to share a mutual feeling that is they feel at home by choosing to stay there.

International Student Houses are located worldwide in close proximity to universities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

These student houses were started with an objective of bringing international students together at one place so as to make their study abroad journey a wonderful experience. International Student houses offer various opportunities for students to enhance their professional and personal growth.

Given below are different ways in which prospective study abroad students can use I- Houses during their study abroad journey:

1. For Accommodation

One of the main and obvious uses of I-Houses is for student accommodation during their short-term or long-term stay in the foreign land.

When looking at accommodation, it is recommended that students contact I-Houses directly for all the details related to accommodation.

Considering that student occupancy varies depending on the location of I-House and it could be that the availability is limited, it is better if students ask about accommodation as early as possible.

The benefits of staying in I-Houses include:

A. They are cheaper than neighborhood accommodations.

B. They cover meals, wireless internet, and utilities.

C. They offer scholarships depending on merit and financial needs of the students. For students willing to serve as resident assistants, there are room credit programs that reduce their rent.

2. Gain International Exposure

By staying at I-Houses, international students get a chance to interact with students who come from different parts of the world and learn from a range of multicultural activities that take place there. Different types of events take place there music, arts and film events along with international food fair and costume fair. This gives students a chance to socialize and gain understanding about different cultures and communities. There are a number of things for students to learn by staying at international student houses.

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3. Expansion of Skill-set

The students get abundant opportunities to expand their skillset that can diversify their study abroad experience. There are numerous leadership opportunities for students who are interested in doing community work. Various workshops are organized by international houses that give students an opportunity to expand their network. Even more, different projects are launched to help students enhance their analytical skills and work towards developing innovative solutions to various problems that exist around the world or to promote peace on a global platform.

Final Words

 Even if you’re not a resident, you may gain entry to events that take place at international student houses depending on its membership policies that may even extend to students of non-member institutions. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to make an effort to gain entry to international houses so as to network with global student community.

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