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Is Getting Back to School the Right Thing for You?

Is it that you’re thinking about changing your career or advancing your career to a next level?

And, are you thinking of going back to school as it will help you in accomplishing your career goals?

If yes, the chances are you’re facing a dilemma and contemplating whether returning to school is going to be a wise decision or not. It goes without saying that this is going to be a major career move. Getting back to school certainly enhances your knowledge and expands your skill set but it is also going to consume a lot of time and resources. In fact, it can drain your financial resources considerably.

Should you get consider getting back to school for your career progression? The points given below might help you seek your answers:

1. Fair Evaluation of Your Goals

  • What are the reasons that motivate you to get back to school?
  • How is getting back to school going to help you in accomplishing your career goals?
  • Are you really passionate about gaining knowledge in the field of study you’re considering for yourself?

In case, you want to get back to school to escape some situation or things in your life, you might just be making this move in desperation. This won’t really help as your responsibilities and obligations are bound to increase after you pass out from the school.

By planning to study something completely new, you’re going to make a drastic shift in your career that can be positive or negative depending on various factors. But, if you choose to advance your knowledge in your field, it will certainly yield positive results.

If you’re passionate about enhancing your knowledge, you’re likely to overcome any obstacles that come your way because of your determination and will-power.

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2. Financial Analysis

Going back to school can be both emotionally and financially draining. You need to make a thorough analysis on how your finances will be managed.

  • Will there be any support (partial or full) from your existing employer?
  • Have you accumulated enough money so as not to encounter any problems on the financial front?
  • Will you be eligible for any loan schemes or scholarship options?

By seeking answers to questions given above, you’ll gain a lot of clarity on whether you should move ahead with your idea of further education or drop it right away.

3. Are You Ready for the Change?

The next important question is, “Are you ready for the huge change that is going to come in your life?” Remember, the change we are talking about here is not going to be small. Switching your careers or taking a break is bound to affect your life in a big manner. There might be an increased workload, no income for a time being and thus, increased financial worries. And then there could be increased levels of job satisfaction, rewarding career options and better work-life balance after you pass-out from the school.

Finally, it’s you who has to take the call and decide whether you want this change or not. If yes, how desperately you want it and how far you’re ready to go to make this happen.

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