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Is the August SAT Right For You?

The registration deadline for August SAT is approaching on July 26, 2019. The clock is ticking and there is very little time remaining for the rising juniors and the seniors to decide whether to give August SAT or not. Here I shall discuss who all should give or not give August SAT.

Why SAT was introduced in August? 

Back In 2017, SAT was proposed to be conducted in August after receiving feedback from parents, students, and teachers. The underlying objective was that students can prepare the exam in the summer and get it tested in late summer (August). After that, the college authorities can focus on coursework, application processing, and other stuff before the commencement of the senior year.

Who should Give August SAT?

August SAT helps the rising seniors to get themselves tested before the start of school and also, rising juniors can give the exam during the less strenuous time of the year. Let’s check out August SAT is suitable for which students.

1.   Students Planning to Apply Early Decision or Early Action

If the students are planning to apply early action or early decision to the top colleges of their choices, then there are chances that their test scores are already strong. If not, August SAT gives them another opportunity to improve their scores before making an application in October. August SAT helps the students to set a strong application for the desired college.

2.   Rising Seniors

Taking the test before the commencement of the senior year will help to take off a lot of pressure. Giving the SAT this late summer is a good opportunity for the rising seniors who are looking to improve their previous SAT scores.  August date is a good opportunity to improve the score for the students who have given the test in June or so. The reason is that all the content is still fresh in the student’s mind and helps him to continue the preparation in an uninterrupted continuous manner. 

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3.   Rising Juniors

There is much less pressure being a junior. So, giving August SAT is a great option to get ready for testing. This helps them to get a good idea regarding the testing pattern and thus, aim for a solid foundation. 

Who Should not Give August SAT?

1.   Students Who Lack Preparation

Getting yourself tested before completing school is a good idea but certainly not if you are not prepared for the exam. The exam should be given only when a student is fully prepared and is in a full swing. Don’t waste your attempt.

It has been noticed many times that the students are generally more interested in other summer activities rather than preparing for the SAT. If that happens to be the case, then it is better to avoid registering for August SAT.

2.   Have taken More than Three Attempts

If the seniors or rising juniors are giving the exam purely for improving the scores and have already taken the exam three or more times before, then this should be avoided. The SAT scores tend to plateau after some attempts and the chances for a big jump in scores is very less.

Overall, August SAT is that bite of the cherry which should not be missed if you are fully prepared. One last word is that it always takes time to access your goals, abilities and prepare well which is indeed an important step for an effective test preparation plan.

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