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4 Guerrilla Job Search Hacks That Are Worth A Try

The job search can be an overwhelming task. In case you don’t get desired results, it can drain you completely and leave you disappointed.

In case what you’re doing isn’t working, you may try doing different things. Because it could be that sometimes the traditional job application processes don’t work. There are bright chances that you might have some luck by changing your approach and maintaining your calm.

Job Search Hacks

Given below are some job hacks that might prove really effective in helping you find your desired job:

1. Social Media Ad

By posting your picture that contains little text and links to website/ portfolio/ resume, you can buy a social media ad and gain the attention of potential employers in the market. You may even apply filters that help you do location targeting, choose your industry, the area of work and more. By setting your budget and publishing the ad online, you’ll be able to monitor the results and test the effectiveness of your job ad.  It’s all about highlighting your skills and accomplishments and making yourself accessible to a larger segment of the population.

2. Apply to Job Postings that are Relatively Old

What you might find interesting is that 46% of new recruiters are likely to fail within the first six months of their joining. Even if it makes you think that this can’t be true and you think the actual number must be very lower, you still have enough reasons to see a great deal of opportunity in this.  Given that new hires generally don’t work, it makes sense to give it a shot as you might have luck by your side. A right method of approaching the things is to target a specific hiring manager and resubmit your resume by showing your interest in the position in case it has not been satisfactorily filled. You must never assume that you’re late for the application unless you give it a try.

3. Don’t Necessarily Run After Job Advertisements

What might surprise you is that approximately half of the job positions never get advertised. Your chances of landing yourself a dream job get brighter when you stop targetting only those companies that are posting jobs. In fact, when you send your application after a job gets posted, there are many chances for your resume to get lost among many others. By sending your application to the right person in the right department, you give your application a chance of being read and considered. It, however, doesn’t mean that you completely stop applying to job postings. It’s just that you need to maintain a proper balance.

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4. Optimise the Use of Your Network

Have you tried reaching out to your contacts and putting them to work for you? The results will be much better than you anticipate them right now. Remember, there is absolutely no harm in asking for help but you must clearly describe your skills and the kind of job you’re seeking so as not to create any sort of confusion and rather to get desired results.

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