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Highest-Paying Jobs for University Students

If you are a student in one of the international universities or planning to be one, you would agree that living abroad can burn a hole in your pocket. Not everyone is blessed with good wealth and can afford to spend as much money as he/ she wants to. In fact, a majority of students study on student loans.

To make it easier for you to survive your study abroad journey, our career coach at ‘My Study Destination’ has listed a number of highest-paying  jobs for university students that are readily available and can easily be pursued by any student irrespective of his study location and course:

Highest-Paying Jobs for University Students


The part-time job of tutoring fellow students or your juniors can prove to be an excellent idea if you are a pro in any of your academic subjects or even English. You can easily find tutoring jobs on various online portals or you may even leverage the power of social media to find a suitable job for yourself. There are both online and offline tutoring jobs available and can be explored depending on the area of your interest.

Student Ambassador

If you feel you’ve got a flair for marketing, you can consider becoming a student ambassador and represent different companies on your campus. The job of a student ambassador is to spread the word about newly launched products and services of the company he/ she is representing. If you’re an extrovert and love socializing with people, you’re likely to find this job very interesting and rewarding.

Freelance Blogger and Writer

The holy-grail job for all writing enthusiasts! If you have a flair for writing along with a good command over English language and strong grammatical skills, you can consider taking the job of a freelance blogger or writer. Even more, you can start your own blog in your niche area. The benefit of working as a blogger is that you can take up this job online from a remote position. Also, it pays you really well.

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WordPress/ Website Manager

Almost every business is present online in today’s world and this has led to an exponential increase in a number of remote jobs that are available.  If you possess a good knowledge of WordPress or have a proficiency in developing websites, you can take up the given roles part-time and make lots of money by doing the highly interesting and engaging work related to these jobs.

Freelance Photographer

If photography happens to be your passion and you’re one of those who can spend hours on Instagram browsing pictures, you must seriously consider the job of a freelance photographer. In case you have got a collection of your shots, you can even think about starting your online display. You never know your passion might lead you to greater heights in this field someday in the future.

Administrative Assistant

There are plenty of part-time administrative jobs available on every university campus. Approaching your academic department timely and showing your interest in the available jobs can really brighten your chances of landing a well-paying job.

Final words: The part-time job you take up as a student in college/ university doesn’t only make it possible for you to earn money and manage your expenses but also make you learn some invaluable skills. It will enhance your time management and problem-solving skills. Even more, it will make you more suitable for the role you would want to take after you graduate.

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