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Everything You Wanted to Know About Finding an Apprenticeship

In case you’re not the one who believes in following a conventional path, you can take up the other path that leads to employment and that is through apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships help you train on the job, enhance your learning and allow you to earn money at the same time. Basically, they refer to training programs and are offered by the multitude of companies. Their duration might vary from few months to several years.

Something great about apprenticeships is that they help you build a successful career.

Are you thinking how to go about finding apprenticeships? The foremost thing is to identify the area of your interest that is in which area you would like to work dedicatedly.

Given below are the several methods that can be used to find an apprenticeship of your choice:

By Making Effective Use of Social Media

Because social media is being used by the majority of recruiters these days, you can significantly enhance your chances of finding an apprenticeship by looking for it on one of the social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The benefits of using social media channels are that they are less time-consuming and more effective than various other channels.


  • You can follow company pages and join groups that are dedicated to job placements.
  • By participating in meaningful discussions and making connections with industry professionals, you boost your chances of getting a suitable role.
  • Make the look-and-feel of your profile consistent across all channels.

By Contacting your Employers Directly

Multi-national companies or other large organizations are always on the lookout for the suitable apprentice for their company. There are many companies that are willing to focus their resources and time on the training of apprentices because they understand the significance of employee training. If you’re keen on finding some good apprenticeship opportunity, you must look-out for companies who are willing to do something extra for your career progression.

In order to find out the vacancies, you can check the websites of companies you’re interested in working for.

By Attending Jobs Fair

In order to avail a good career opportunity, it is important that you attend as many job fairs as possible. It is because you can find the number of employers at such job fairs who are willing to recruit a fresher in the industry. You must, however, make thorough preparations for the same. You need to keep all your documents (academic history, CV and other relevant documents) ready and dress up in professional attire. Because there will be a number of candidates who will be looking at grabbing interesting career opportunities, you need to make sure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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By Making Use of Your Professional Contacts

Your contacts can go a long way in helping you find a satisfactory and rewarding apprenticeship opportunity. Talking of small scale and medium scale businesses, they hardly advertise such vacancies. Your contacts can, however, inform you about the vacancies and even make recommendations for you.

By Looking Online

Another popular method of finding an apprenticeship is to look at several job boards and career websites. Online job search offers you numerous opportunities to kick-start your career.

You can easily find the vast number of options on sites like Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor and much more.

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