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List of 8 Countries Offering Free Education to International Students

Is it that you wish to study abroad but managing finance is a problem?

Also, is there a feeling that the cost factor might kill your study abroad dreams?

As a career coach, I am going to tell you one thing and that is never to give up on your dreams.

As far as your studying abroad is concerned, the good news for you is that there are many countries that offer free education to international students. Your study abroad journey in these countries requires you to pay only a nominal fee besides your cost of living.

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Given below is the list of top 10 countries where you can pursue your higher education at almost no expense of yours:

1. Germany

Germany is a top study destination amongst students who are looking at pursuing their higher education at minimal cost. In this study destination, almost every public university waivers off your tuition fee. The students are required to pay only administration fee that is easily affordable by every student. There is a common misconception that language is a barrier in this country for students. The truth is that there are a vast number of courses that are offered in English considering the vast number of international students who opt to study in Germany.

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2. Austria

Another European country that offers education to international students at easily affordable rates is Austria. The students are required to pay the registration fee only. The benefit of studying in Austria is that it offers various degree programs in advanced subjects. Besides the excellent study programs, the cost of living is also quite less in this country. The given factors make Austria an ideal study destination for international students from across the world.

3. France

The education system in this country is quite advanced. Even more, France happens to be one of the top study destinations for international students. There are both creative as well as mainstream courses offered by the universities for the students to pursue their career goals. Also, the public universities charge a very negligible fee from international students.

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4. Sweden

The universities in this country offer education with no tuition fees. Also, there are many universities offering scholarships to international students. For students who are keen on pursuing Ph.D. from Swedish universities, the good news is that you also get paid for the research work you carry out as a part of your curriculum. It is, therefore, possible to earn while you’re still a student.

5. Norway

Another country where the government promises to take care of your education is Norway, irrespective, of what you’re looking at studying. You can easily undertake an undergraduate, post graduate or doctoral degree without having to worry about finances. The only matter of concern is that majority of courses in this study destination are offered in the Norwegian language. You must, therefore, master the language and pass the language proficiency test before getting enrolled in a Norwegian university.

6. Spain

This study destination offers courses from undergraduate till doctorate level at very minimal rates. Besides high-quality education, you get exposed to the rich and diverse culture of the country.

7. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is your study destination if you wish to be in the country that is a complete blend of rich culture and modernization. What makes the Czech Republic a popular study destination is the fact it offers courses in many professional fields including Sciences, Medical, and Engineering.

8. Belgium

Belgium is your study destination if you wish to be at a place with an advanced infrastructure and ample opportunities for great learning and high-quality education. It goes without saying that the tuition fee in this country is easily affordable. Furthermore, you get handsome placements after the completion of your courses.

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