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A List of Useful and Amazing Resources for IELTS Preparation

IELTS is no more a barrier if you’re considering to study abroad. All it requires is a strong grammar and a basic command over English. Furthermore, you need a small amount of practice to succeed in the given exam.

As recommended by the experts, the conventional method of starting your IELTS preparation is to enroll in a good coaching institute. Your coach can be of great help in understanding the format of an exam. Furthermore, he will give you his feedback on improving your score. Having said that, what should be the course of an action if you’re not keen on coaching and would rather prefer self-study? You can make use of the resources mentioned below and start preparing for the exam on your own:

Recommended Books for IELTS Preparation

  • The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS Student’s Book of Pauline Cullen. The answers and DVD-ROM  are included.
  • Cambridge English: IELTS 11 Academic with Answers Paperback– 2016 by Cambridge English Language Assessment.
  • Barron`s IELTS (2 CD Free) Paperback – 1 Jan 2015 by Lin Lougheed.
  • Official IELTS Practice Materials 1 with Audio CD by Cambridge ESOL.
  • IELTS Practice Materials 2 with DVD by Cambridge ESOL (Official).

Official Websites for IELTS preparation

Resources that will help you find out about the scoring criteria of IELTS

IELTS Answer Sheets for Practice

You can easily find your strengths and weaknesses depending upon your score in the practice tests. Thereafter, these scores can be used to improve your weaker areas. Furthermore, different techniques and strategies can be deployed to improve your IELTS score. They are as given below:

Improving Your Score in Reading Section

Start reading newspapers and magazines religiously. Also, start reading novels and books of different genres on a regular basis. You must even start summarizing the text in your mind whenever you read any textual information. Notably, reading doesn’t only help in improving your vocabulary but also enhances your reading speed and understanding of the given reading material. It can, therefore, help in addressing a major issue of time management associated with IELTS exam.

Improving Your Score in Listening Section

The following techniques are highly recommended to the students who are looking at improving their score in the listening section of the IELTS exam:

  • Watching English movies
  • Listening to English music, news, etc.
  • Learning new accents

Improving Your Score in Speaking Section

Incorporating the simple techniques given below in your daily life will give excellent results:

  • Revision from previous exam topics
  • Speaking on any chosen topic for 2 minutes in front of a mirror
  • Recording your speeches and analyzing your speaking skills
  • Start indulging in group discussions
  • Make preparation for introductory points on various topics like
  • Preparing the introductory points on general topics like tourism, sports, education, childhood, food, school, media, adventure, etc.

Improving Your Score in Writing Section

Consider the points given below if you’re at serious at improving your score in the writing section:

  • Start reading articles and newspapers. This will enhance your knowledge about the current affairs. It will also help you improve your sentence formation.
  • Follow the format guided by your mentor
  • Looking at the writing samples of students who secured 8 bands
  • You may also consider undertaking the following writing tasks for revision purpose:

Writing samples task1

Writing samples task2

 Various Other Useful Links

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