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How to Make Friends with Locals while Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding career decisions of your life. And to make the best of your studying abroad journey, it is important that you master the art of making friends with the locals in your study destination.

Reasons for making friends with locals while studying abroad:

  • They can help you adapt quickly to the new surroundings.
  • You’ll learn about places and spots in your study destination that only locals know about.
  • They help you get fluent in the local language.
  • You will start networking with people who belong to different parts of the world.

By making friends with locals, you’ll be able to experience new things and see a completely different side of your study abroad journey.

How to Make Friends with Locals

Given below are the tips that can be used to make friends with locals while studying in your study destination:

Join Classes with International Students

Taking classes with students other than those from your own country increases your chances of bonding with international students.

If it is not possible to change your academic schedule, you can always consider joining an extra class, for example, a language class. Even if the course participants are not locals, your social skills will get a boost and you will meet a boatload of new people belonging to different places from across the world.

In order to make friends with locals, the best thing to do is to enroll yourself in a course where locals are most likely to go. This could be a cooking class or even a dance class.

Immerse yourself in New Culture

Do things the way locals do!

Try to look like a local by researching on what to wear and what not to wear.

Follow along with dos and don’ts of your study destination.

You might have to push yourself hard to blend in a new place. Follow the customs and traditions that are followed in the new place.

Flock to places which are popular amongst locals. Finally, make an effort to order your food and drinks in the local language. Whenever there is a city celebration going on, make an effort to join in.

Talking to students who are themselves trying to immerse in the new culture can help you learn a lot about the place and even know things you’ll not find anywhere else.

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Do Things on Your Own

Don’t be afraid of doing things by yourself. You need to learn to venture out on your own and enjoy spending time by yourself. When you start moving out on your own than in a group,  you become more approachable and you encounter several situations that demand you to get into a conversation with locals. Besides, you’ll come across various people who are sailing in the same boat as you.

The most important thing to know is that you will have to stop being shy and make efforts to initiate conversation with locals. There will be times when you might find other people cold but that shouldn’t stop you from trying next time. The trick of the trade is to learn how to approach others in a right manner.

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