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Masters in the USA without GRE/ GMAT

GRE and GMAT are often spoken in the same breath and they play a vital role in determining the chances of your admission to the University of your choice. To get the top-rated course in a specific University, a high GRE/GMAT score is usually required.  

GRE or Graduate Record Examination and GMAT or Graduate Management Aptitude Test are the two main examinations required for getting admission into the world’s top technical colleges, graduate colleges and B-Schools.  In case you dread giving these exams, have failed miserably in scoring up to the mark or can’t fulfill this requirement due to any reason, it must not deter your confidence of making it possible to get into the foreign university of your own choice. This is because there are many top-ranked colleges and universities in the USA which do not require GRE/GMAT as eligibility criteria.

Let’s learn about top Master programs/Universities in the USA which do not require GRE or GMAT.

List of Universities Offering Masters Programs Without GRE/GMAT

1.    Webster University

This University located in Missouri offers a diverse range of events and activities which help in the overall development of the student. The students can go for master programs in Cybersecurity, Nursing, HRM, Marketing, Data  Analytics, MBA, etc.

2.       University of Redlands

This Californian University has been ranked 36 amongst the best Universities of West by Forbes. The University offers various programs in education, teaching and clinical health.  The MS degree offered at the University of Redlands is spanned between 18 months to two years. The University also offers weekend MS MBA and MS IT classes.

3.    Lutheran University

Lutheran University is located in the heart of California with a perfect blend of beaches, high mountains and quality city life. The courses offered without GRE/GMAT are MBA, Public Policy and Administration, Quantitative Economics, Information Technology, etc.

4.       Western New England University

Located in Massachusetts, this university has been ranked on top in the category of “Best Value” Colleges in the USA. The MS courses offered are MS Engineering Management, MSW, MBA, MS in Organizational Leadership, etc.

5.    University of California, Riverside Extension

The University organizes workshops and other weekend programs for many unique courses. Apart from this, the college also offers PG Diploma in Management, Engineering Management, Business Management etc. The same courses are available at Berkeley Extension and Silicon Valley Extension campuses as well.  

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6.       Concordia University

This Chicagoan University is world famous for developing excellent communication skills and critical thinking in students for a lifetime. The master’s programs offered are MS in Computer Science, Education, MBA, Childhood Education, Teaching, etc.

7.       Dayton University, Ohio

Dayton University, Ohio has been ranked at 127 amongst all national Universities and 53 amongst “Best Value Schools”. The courses offered at Dayton University which do not require GRE scores are MS in Civil Engineering, Management Science, Accounting, Aerospace Engineering, etc.  

8.       University of Hartford

This university is located in Connecticut and ranks at number 57 in Engineering programs offered across the state. The students may go for MS in Communication, Architecture, and Engineering etc.  

9.    North Carolina State University

For MS in Civil Engineering, the University doesn’t require qualifying GRE exam if the student’s undergraduate degree had a strong mathematical curriculum.

10.   Central Michigan University

If the candidate is applying for MS in Science Administration, then the requirement for GRE/GMAT is waived off. But the same is not applicable in case the candidates apply for a graduate fellowship.

These are some top Universities which have waived off qualifying GRE/GMAT exam for some of their courses. The new sessions are about to begin, enroll for your favorite course now.

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