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MBA Admission Procedure in US and UK

The criteria for getting admissions to MBA course varies from institute to institute. There is a difference between the procedure, time period, application method and qualifying criteria for MBA courses in the UK and USA. Both the places have their own criteria with respect to academics.

Here we enlist the attributes which are to be considered before applying or in order to apply for MBA courses:

Criteria of Marks and Academics to get into MBA Institutes of UK and USA

For MBA institutes in the UK, your 10th-grade board examination marks will be required mandatorily. 10+2 level marks will also be taken into consideration.

The criteria for getting admissions into MBA in the USA is that you should produce the school report card and mark sheet from grade 9 onwards. The US universities consider the marks from 9th to 12th grade, which can’t be bypassed by any means.

MBA Application Form Release Dates are different for UK and US

Generally, the application must be submitted before 8 to 10 months the actual course is started.

MBA Application schedule for UK universities: In the month of November application form releases and the due date lasts till the month of February.

MBA Application schedule for US universities: For Class 12th aspirant, December 31 is the due date. The application takes nearly 6 months to be processed, which includes taking tests such as SAT and CAT and writing skills.

Non-academic Eligibility Criteria for MBA Courses

For UK Universities: Universities in the UK are concerned about, their applicant’s commitment to the chosen course of study. Hence, extra-curricular activities which will boost their academic performance are nurtured and considered.

For US Universities: US colleges promote the versatile growth of students’ skills. US Universities consider the activities like sports and other skill sets to be an advantageous parameter.

Testing Criteria for getting an admission into MBA

For UK Universities: UK Universities have different testing criteria depending on the course you select. The qualification criteria and test schedule will be known to you once you decide on your course.

For US Universities: US Universities require an SAT score mandatorily. The Imperial College has a specific requirement of testing for the candidates who have done a degree in engineering. Other colleges are not demanding any other testing besides SAT.

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Language Proficiency Test

Language Proficiency is tested in order to be eligible to get a Visa for education purpose. However, IELTS is not considered by US Universities. UK accepts the scores of proficiency test held by IELTS and TOEFL.

MBA Course Structure in UK and US

In UK Universities: UK colleges allow the students to choose a course and the same course should be followed by 3 years of full-time duration. Students are not allowed to switch or opt out of the chosen course.

In US Universities: US colleges allow students to switch their major course of study. US Universities also allow adding on any of the minor subjects to their major one. The statistics show that at least 80% of total US MBA college students change their major at least once during their course.

The mentioned attributes are the points to be considered by every MBA aspirant. The aspirant needs to take required measures and prepare well beforehand.