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MBA Applicants: How Can You Address Job Challenges?

As a prospective MBA student, you might worry that something about your employment history could negatively affect your chances of admission. In case you have any such negative elements or ambiguities on your resume, it’s crucial to address them so that the admission council doesn’t make any negative inferences.

Given below are three most common job concerns that you might face as an MBA applicant and tips on how to address them:

1. Too Many Career Shifts

Is it that your resume is filled with different careers and this has become a major cause of worry for you? You’re worried that the admission council might just infer that you’re not serious about any career or specific path.

In this case, you’ll have to be brutally honest in explaining the reasons for the rapid shifts you have been making in your career life. The reasons could be variegated. It could be that you were laid off or you were simply trying to find the true calling of your heart. Thus, you need to carefully connect the dots within your essays and also when appearing for interviews so as to be able to convince the admission council about your genuine interest in pursuing MBA. You may even use the optional essay to explain your reasons and thinking behind your decision of doing an MBA.

2. No Career Progression

If you held the same position in your career for a long time and there was no change in the job title, it makes sense to tweak your resume or career profile to demonstrate how the job you held helped in expanding your skill-set. You may consider dividing your role into different segments with each set highlighting your accomplishments for a given period of time.

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When you succeed in accurately highlighting the impact your work had, it tends to create a more positive impression than your promotions would.

Remember, it is all about showcasing your professional growth, the skills you gained and the new challenges that you embraced.

3. Negative Feedback

While a negative performance feedback or demotion can be scary, it presents a golden opportunity for you to explain the lessons you have learned from failures and challenges you have faced in the trajectory of your professional life.

Your focus should be on explaining what all you learned from things that happened rather than on elaborating everything that happened. Give admission officers a chance to appreciate your open attitude towards learning, maturity, and self-awareness. Thus, there is absolutely no harm in talking about your weaknesses in admission essays. In fact, talking about things that can’t be written in resumes will help admission officers learn more about you and determine if you fit with the school.

Final Words

It is not going to help you to continue seeing these application challenges as obstacles in your journey towards MBA. It’s all about shifting your perspective and focussing on things that are positive and working towards changing not so favorable things into your assets for securing a seat into your dream MBA school.

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