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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your University Admission Application

For students to make into their dream universities, it can happen only if their admission applications get accepted. The university admission application submitted by the candidate is the most critical component of the entire admission process. It is, therefore, important for students to complete their university admission applications carefully and avoid some common mistakes that can put an end to all their dreams and career goals.

Given below are the mistakes that must be avoided on your university admission application if you’re seeking admission to your dream universities/ colleges:

1. Poor Understanding of the Application

Even if a small part/ section of the application has not been understood clearly by you, you must seek the help of an expert in the field. You may ask your counselor, teacher or even a senior to help you. There is no reason to hesitate in asking for help. Also, you must read the application several times to ensure that you have understood everything correctly.

2. Letting Someone Else Do Your Homework

Did you know by letting your parents or counselor fill the application on your behalf, you might just be ruining your chances of success?

It is perfectly alright to seek their guidance and help but what is your work must be done by you. They might miss some crucial information that they are not even aware of. Also, based on your application you might be asked questions in the interview. You might then be clueless and blank. This happens in most of the cases when the students are not fully involved in the application process.

3. By Not Taking Deadlines Seriously

Because there is a different deadline for every university, you need to track deadlines very carefully. All the important deadlines including application submission deadlines, letter of recommendation (LOR) deadlines, essay deadlines and transcript deadlines need to be marked on your calendar. You need excellent time management skills to avoid making any mistake. Remember, there is no possibility for you to miss the deadlines if you’re serious about your admission.

4. By Not Giving Your Application the Best Shot

It could be your application is not as strong as others due to some legit reasons. May be your grades suffered due to some serious medical ailment or it could be that you couldn’t focus much on extra-curricular activities because of your part-time job. Whatever the reasons (if there are any) behind your not so perfect application, you need to look for opportunities in the application itself to explain them. This will motivate the admission officers to examine your case carefully and with an understanding perspective. Having known everything, they might just want to give you a chance.

5. By Not Preparing Ahead of Time

The worst thing you can do is leave everything to last minute.  You need a lot of time to research and draft your essays and personal statements. Even, you need to give your teachers sufficient time to write compelling recommendation letters for you. By devoting sufficient time to your application, you can make a lot of difference for the success of your university admission application.

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