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Most Sought After Masters Degrees in the UK

A master’s degree ensures bright future and a greater amount of success for any graduate in his chosen field of learning. Even if it costs a lot of money, the time and money you spent in pursuing your masters are completely worth it. Today, the employers are looking at recruiting only specialized individuals. And it is only a master’s degree that paves your path towards specialization in your chosen field.

Having talked about the significance of a master’s degree, you are likely to agree with me that the UK is a very popular study destination amongst Indian students.

To help you make an informed career decision that best meets your goals and aspirations, our career coach at my study destination has compiled a list of the best and most sought after ‘Masters Programs’ in the UK. This has been done keeping in mind the fact that not all masters degrees are worth your time and money. Notably, many programs are designed with the mere objective of minting money from you.

Scroll down to find the list of programs that are recommended by our career coach:


The graduates of this program are extremely well paid and most sought after by employers in the market. You might argue that because this degree doesn’t offer specialization in different fields of engineering like Masters in Computer Engineering or Masters in Mechanical Engineering, so how can it pay you so well?

It is because with a Masters degree in Engineering you are capable of filling many roles in companies. The employers are, often, scared of recruiting individuals who are specialized in core subjects as such candidates hardly possess in-depth understanding and knowledge of the engineering sectors.

As a Master of Engineering, you can easily expect to start off in an industry with a minimum salary of £43,000 a year expecting it to shoot up later with experience.

Actuarial Science

Masters in Actuarial Science offers specialization in the accounting sector. What makes this courses attractive is its feature of offering detailed understanding and knowledge of the related fields like Mathematics and Statistical analysis. This course opens an array of opportunities for pass outs in banking and insurance sector.

The average starting salary for professionals in this field is £42,400.

Computer Science

A masters degree in Computer Science is most sought after in today’s time owing to digitization on a large scale. The graduates of this program are in huge demand and are paid handsome salary packages.

Even though your salary packages vary greatly from one role to another, you can still expect a starting salary of £42,000 a year.

Statistical Science

Masters in Statistical Science makes you an expert in the analysis and interpretation of data. There is an option to choose your electives based on the areas of your interest. The starting salary for professionals in this field is roughly £41,100, per year. But with experience, you can manage to get a raise in your salary.

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There are a number of top ranked universities (worldwide) in the UK that offer Masters in Architecture. It is, however, important to ensure that the course you pursue is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

The field of architecture has a potential to offer very high starting salaries. As an architect, you can easily expect a minimum salary of £41,000.


Masters in Financial Analysis is considered to be a very reputed degree. Meant only for serious and competitive candidates, this degree has a potential to open a vast number of career options for you. For the graduate of this course, it is not only possible to attract fascinating salary packages (when applying for a job) but also the acquired knowledge is of great use when planning to start your own business.

Mathematical Finance

The Masters in Mathematical Finance combines knowledge of 2 major fields: Mathematics and Finance. The program is designed in such a manner that it trains you to analyze huge chunks of data by applying your mathematical knowledge. The ability to analyze data, further, makes you capable of designing strategies that can optimize the financial performance of organizations.

This degree is one of the most well-paid master’s degrees in the UK. The graduates can easily manage a starting salary of £39,000.

Pharmaceutical Science

Masters in Pharmaceutical Science teaches you the manufacturing process of drugs and trains you to participate in clinical trials. Upon the successful completion of this program, you have an option to further specialize in a vast number of areas like cosmetics, food industry, etc. Your career is, therefore, not restricted to any particular field. Your earning potential varies a lot in this line but after getting some industry experience you can easily manage to earn £40,000 a year.

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