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My Study Destination Conducts an Interview with Danish Admission Officer

Our career coach at ‘My Study Destination’ recently conducted a vis-à-vis interview with Danish admission officer- Jakob L.Q. Hornbeck to gain some useful and interesting insights about Danish system of higher education. Notably, it happens to be the 3rd best educational system in the world.

Jakob L.Q. Hornbeck works as an admission officer and as a social professor at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. He possesses experience of 7 years of working with international students.  He is passionate about working closely with international students to help them integrate fast into Danish system of education and learning more about how things work out for them in their home institutions.

Sania Gupta, Danish Danish System of Education

Career Coach: Could you please talk something about Zealand Institute of Business and Technology?

Jakob: The Zealand Institute of Business and Technology has five international campuses located in the Zealand region each offering a vast range of educational programs and activities for international as well as Danish students. There are approximately 3,000 students studying in the institution.

Career Coach: What makes Denmark an ideal study destination for international students?

Jakob: First of all, Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. Obviously, people don’t walk around smiling all the time. It’s about their happiness index that gets measured in terms of different factors. There is a free medical help care offered in this country. This applies to international students as well who get a residency permit in Denmark. There are several other benefits that are offered including a welfare system that offers assistance to people fall out of the job.

Talking further, Denmark is an extremely safe country with almost no crime rate. There are absolutely no safety concerns for anyone living in Denmark.

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Career Coach: Can you throw some light on Danish system of education?

Jakob: We follow a practical approach towards learning with a lot of emphasis on discussions that students are made to carry out among themselves. We believe in imparting practical education so as to enable skill enhancement for our students.

Career Coach: Are there any specific reasons for which Indian students should consider studying at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology in case they are considering Denmark as their study destination?

Jakob: Of course, there are many. We have students of 10-12 nationalities studying together under one roof. The students, therefore, get a lot of exposure. The students have ample opportunities to expand their network and enhance their skill-set. Even more, we offer several scholarships to international students depending on their academic performance. The students even get full-scholarships that waiver 100% of their tuition-fee.