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5 Pro Networking Tips for Extroverts

If you’re an extrovert, the chances are you already know the significance of networking when it comes to advancement in your career and thus, you frequently take out time for it. Because of your extrovert nature, you tend to find it easier to connect with others as compared to introverts. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re pro at establishing strong work connections. In fact, it could be that the over socializing nature is hurting your career aspirations in one or the other manner.

Networking Tips for Extroverts

If you’re an extrovert who loves to socialize and frequents networking events, the networking tips given below are going to help you a lot:

1. Your focus is important

Extroverts, often, tend to lose their focus the moment they find something interesting going on at a different place even if they are in the middle of some important conversation.  You need to be aware of this tendency of yours as it can hurt people in front of you and give them an impression that you’re not interested in a conversation with them and want to escape. You should, rather, use this tendency to your advantage by asking others to join you or your group the moment you find something relevant coming up.

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2. Your condescending attitude is not going to work

The research indicates that extroverts tend to be obsessed with their know-it-all attitude. Even more, the majority of their conversations revolve around themselves. You might not realize it but this is something that can get in your way of making some really useful professional connections. In order to avoid this, train yourself into asking open-ended questions such as “What is your work profile all about?” Basically, ask such questions to which there can’t be monologue answers. This will help you get into a detailed conversation with the other person and thereafter, make genuine connections.

3. Help other person relax

You might find yourself comfortable in the company of others but it might not be the case with your conversational partner especially if he/ she is an introvert. But you can play a major role in making that person feel comfortable and at ease while talking to you. By talking something light or assuring them that you understand networking is not easy, you can break the ice and create a healthy environment for genuine conversations to take place.

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4. Showcase what is more important

Rather than just showing people around you how confident, outgoing and social you’re, you should focus on showcasing your skills that are relevant to your performance at work. Consider showing them how conscientious and good a team player you’re. In case you’re looking at finding a new job opportunity for yourself, you must demonstrate knowledge in the field of your field.

5. Network with all types of people

Since you’re an extrovert, it is likely for you to get drawn to people who are extroverts. In the process, you might miss making some valuable connections just because you didn’t make an effort to speak to a person who seemed to be quieter than you. You might find it disengaging at first but paying attention to introverts is going to help you in a big way.

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