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Online Students: Building a Relationship with Your Course Instructors

As a student, the decision to undertake an online degree/ program can be intimidating for you. After taking the difficult decision of pursuing an online course and getting yourself enrolled, the next step for you is to carefully plan your moves.

If you’re one of those students who is planning to start his/ her online educational journey, what you must know is that your professors are going to play the most important role in your journey. They are going to be your mentors, career coaches and educational advisers.

Even though the ratio of teachers allocated to the number of students is high in online courses making them more accessible, you still need to be proactive in building a strong relationship with your course instructors so as to get the maximum out of your course. A strong relationship with your instructor is important as he/ she is going to act as your guide in your transition from student life to that of a working professional.

Given below are simple yet very effective methods of developing a strong bond with your course instructors:

1. Break the Ice before the Commencement of Course

Generally, you are given an access to your course before its commencement and the names of instructors are provided along with the course listings. This presents you a golden opportunity to find about the professor online and thereafter, email him/ her introducing you. You may consider sharing your career goals and academic aspirations in your e-mail to help him/ her understand you better and to get the conversation going.

2. Maintain Direct Communication with your Course Instructors

Most of the online courses demand professors to engage themselves with students on a regular basis during scheduled virtual office hours. As a student, you must make an optimal use of the available opportunity to communicate with your professor. If professors find you as an engaging student, they will be more interested in helping you accomplish your career goals.

While carrying out online communication with your professor, you may even ask for career advice. The course instructors usually have strong connections in the industry and can, therefore, provide you with amazing networking opportunities that can take your career to a different level. There is nothing to feel shy about asking help on the career front as it is an integral part of your professor’s job to help you succeed both at the university as well as in your careers.

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3. Demonstrate Your Commitment towards Learning and Career Excellence

If you wish to win over your professor’s trust and confidence, it is important that you adhere to the deadlines for the submission of your assignments. Initiate direct conversations with your course instructor by asking him/ her well-structured questions that are relevant to the course being taught and aim at attending online office hours.

4. Don’t Let Go Off the Chance of Meeting Your Professor in Person

If you get any chance of meeting any of your course instructors in person, you must ever let go-off that chance. It is because personal interaction can help you foster a strong relationship between you and your tutor. After a personal meeting, you’re likely to stay in your tutor’s memory for a longer time and he/ she would think of you the moment any career opportunity that suits you and your career aspirations comes up.

Final words:

You need to be proactive in building a relationship with your course instructors as they are going to play the key role in your academic success and career growth.

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