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How to Reduce Stress and Optimize Your Study Performance?

Talk to any student and you realize that he/ she is under some amount of stress because of the examinations. The amount of stress may vary from one student to another. But, it does affect the confidence level of a student and subsequently the overall performance.

Has any of the following things happened to you during the examination days?

  • You knew an answer to the question yet you attempted it in a wrong manner.
  • You ran short of time, even though the exam was not lengthy.
  • You forgot to attempt a section of questions or 1-2 questions.

All these actions symbolize stress and anxiety.

The exam anxiety is the most dreaded thing for anyone who has felt it in his student days.

There are students who don’t fall asleep nights before exams and then there are the ones who are not able to focus because they can’t  handle stress.

The reasons for such a stress can be variegated. It could be high expectations, lack of preparation and a fear of failure.

Whatever might be the reason, stress is the least desirable thing in a life. Some would, however, agree that it helps in enhancing the performance by channelizing your energy. But the unwanted stress that is distress is never healthy and can ruin things in your life.

The objective of writing this post is to talk about various techniques that are very effective in stress management and thus, help in optimizing your study performance:

  1. Exam Preparation

If you have a tendency to take the stress or if your body is prone to tension, you must start implementing this now:

Prepare for your exams well in advance. Never leave your preparation for exam days. When you know you’re ready, you will see the significant reduction in stress. Also, you will find yourself confident, ready to write an exam.

  1. Rejuvenate Yourself

It is important that you don’t drain your energy while preparing for exams. Agility of mind is important and that can be maintained by not pushing yourself too far. Never overexert yourself.

Take sufficient breaks in between your study hours. Go for outings and hang out occasionally with friends. Give yourself time for the things that you love doing. It could be simply taking a tv break or treating yourself with some mouth watering dishes.  This will help in uplifting your mood and as a result, your efficiency will increase manifold.

Start listening to calm or soothing music for the relaxation of your mind. Or, you may even play your favorite game for a fixed time duration.

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  1. Time Management

The moment you master the art of time management, you will succeed in dealing with your stress.

You must stick to your study timetable given that it is made realistically.

A defined routine gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your morale.

  1. Study in an Appropriate Environment

It is a best practice to study in an environment that is similar to your examination hall. Make use of your study table, even if it is too cold to get out of your quilt.

Also, start writing your mock tests during the time slot that matches your examination timings.

  1. Watch your Health

Take sufficient sleep before your exam so as to avoid nausea or drowsiness. Make sure your mind is fresh when you’re leaving home. You should follow this regime even during your preparatory holidays.

Ensure a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Avoid oily food as it causes sleepiness. Also, avoid caffeine as it may lead to a headache or anxiety. Keep yourself hydrated and you may even meditate to keep your stress hormones in check.

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