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Part 1: What are your chances of getting into an Ivy League college?

Dreaming of getting into an Ivy League college?

If yes, the good news is that you have landed at the right place. To start off, let’s evaluate the chances of applicants getting into an Ivy League college:

Only 6.9% of applicants get into Yale, only 6.1% get into Princeton and only 5.2 % make it to Harvard.

These figures are not to scare you. But to present some interest facts as given below:

Fact #1

You have a lot more chance than % chances given above because there is a high percentage of applicants who are either not serious about getting into an Ivy League college or know that they can’t make it but they apply just for the sake of applying.

Such applicants certainly boost the number of applications being made to Ivy League colleges, thereby, making the acceptance rates shrink but don’t add to your competition.

Fact #2

In order to truly evaluate your chances of getting into your dream college, you need to be brutally honest with you. Self- awareness is one of the crucial components determining how far you go in your career.

The important questions to be answered are:

  • How good are your SAT/ ACT test scores?

Without extremely good SAT/ACT scores, it gets extremely difficult to get into an Ivy but what you must remember is that the scores are just one of several factors that determine the success of your application.

Ivy schools emphasize that test scores are just one of the factors and not the only thing that counts for admission. Looking at the past data, there is no need for applicants to be in the top 1% scorers to get admission. The truth, however, still remains that your chances of getting into a dream college get reduced as your test scores drop.

What you might find interesting is that SAT II is taken more serious by Ivy League colleges. If you nail SAT II, your chances of getting into the college of your choice increase dramatically.

  • Do straight As help you stand out as an applicant?

You must be thinking an excellent GPA with straight As is the sure shot way of getting into an Ivy. It’s certainly an add-on to your profile but they alone don’t guarantee your admission.

The grades alone cannot set your part from the rest of the applicants as there will be many students like you who would have achieved the best grades.

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  • Do your activities outside the school demonstrate your passion to get into Ivy?

Now, this is significant. This is, indeed, make or break part of your application.

The activities you indulge yourself outside the school can help you differentiate yourself from others. It doesn’t, however, mean that you need to involve yourself in everything outside the school.

Remember, the schools you’re targeting want their students to be great at one or more things but not good in everything out there- sports, music, theatre, literature, volunteering.

The truth is that colleges want to see your passion in things you do and they see it by taking a look at your past accomplishment that allows them to evaluate the kind of impact you may have on society through your work. They want their students to be focused, passionate and genuine.

Having read that, it’s time to ask yourself if your application demonstrates high levels of passion. Because if it does, the admission officers will see through it and if not, there is nothing you can do to make them believe that you’re a right choice for Ivy League colleges.

If you enjoyed reading this article, we suggest you stay tuned for Part 2 of this article.