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Personal Story: Experiencing Board Exams

Board exams, terror rushes down my spine as soon as I hear this word. Believe me , life changes when you enter into the board year. For me this fear and this experience started around a year prior to my board exams.All the stress of the boards came along with me throughout the year. Listening to the experiences of different individuals and that too to many of them was definitely not easy.

With the passage of time, these tensions and expectations were rising gradually. Fortunately, I had people around me who would tell me that everything will just be alright. Just that I will have to be cautious about demotivational factors. As soon as my units started, exam fear and negativity were all over my mind.

If you sit back and think about the exact scenario of the board exams, negativity from all over the world covers you. At one point in time, you must, however, realize that:

  • It’s just a year and you got it then.
  • Life’s much more than board exams.
  • You’ve got a lot of time and you can do this.
  • You can score well and you are worth it.

All these thoughts started crossing my mind randomly months before board exams.

And then came pre boards which brought a lot of disappointment and discouragement for me. Even though my teachers had started doubting me, my parents never lost hope in me. With all the positivity and motivation given by my teachers and family, I started improving and my pre board 2 result was a lot better than before but still not up to the mark. Now it was the time for the final revision, all the negative thoughts took over my mind.The questions  that came into my mind were:

  • What if I scored less than 90 in any subject?
  • What if I fail an exam?
  • What if my result does not meet my parents’ expectations?
  • What if…

If I start listing all of them, there will be no end to this. But then if you think too much about this on a daily basis, this would only lead to wastage of time and energy so I decided not to worry about the result and study in my own way. I dropped my tuitions and studied by myself, it felt better this way.

Taking breaks during your study schedule is necessary as they help a lot in improving your concentration. But taking breaks is useful only if you move out in the open air, walking could be an option.

I followed the 15-minute rule while studying and that made me study for longer hours.

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The 15-minute rule for me meant that I needed to study only for 15 minutes and then I am going to use my phone. These 15 minutes created my interest in the topic and motivated me to study with full concentration. Also, reciting the things loudly, helped me a lot in retaining.

  • Taking short naps in between help in regaining the freshness.
  • Avoid eating fatty or fried food, as this would make you feel sleepy and you will end up wasting a lot of time.
  • Speak out loud instead of just reading the topic.

When you do your best, there are no complaints. Gradually, my interest in studying kept on increasing and the duration of my breaks went on decreasing. This developed confidence in me but still, the fear of failure prevailed.

Focus on working hard and not only on marks. Hard work with a smart mind will give you marks automatically.

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” -Vinci Lombardi

During the final days, the tension boosted. The first exam was about the language so it went really well. But then it was the exam of a subject everyone fears, it was my Maths exam and I had only one and a half day to prepare. I was unable to study on the day of previous exam so I planned to get up early the next day. I tried waking up at 4 am but it did not go as I planned so I woke up at 8 am and started studying.

  • If you are appearing for boards, the best time for studying is when you feel fresh.
  • You should keep a time slot to complete a topic, this will make you study efficiently.
  • Teaching what you have learned will help you retain the things.
  • Drink lots of water, this will keep your brain awake.
  • Motivate yourself to study by rewarding yourself with small treats when you finish one topic.

I had 15 chapters to cover in just one day. My mother always wants me to run for quality and not for quantity. I planned my day in such a way that without thinking about the number of chapters, I started completing the chapters one by one giving quality time to each. I kept a time slot and managed to complete the syllabus within the allotted time. Also, I managed to solve the previous year question paper within 2 hours. I revised the formulas in the morning and went to give my exam, it went really well.

  • Try solving previous year question papers in a given time slot, this helps in maintaining the speed and boosts the confidence.
  • Keep all the worries at bay and focus on your study schedule and ways to complete the syllabus on time so that you get enough time for revising the things.
  • Try pasting charts of the formulas and identities in your room, this will help you in board exams.
  • Maths requires a lot of practice, never do a new thing just before the exam as it will ruin all other things.

Science has always been my weak point, but the good part was that I was improving in it. I had 5 days to prepare for my science exam. These 5 days proved to be the most devastating and depressing ones due to some serious problems of life. Still, I knew I can’t stop here so I tried my best to prepare for my exam but there were many obstacles which I needed to cover. I tried to cover the whole syllabus and I finished it but not with the quality study. My science exam did not go well due to which I lost all my confidence. My family tried to boost me up and told me that I needed to cover this in other subjects.

  • Never ever get discouraged by a thing, you’ve got many chances ahead.
  • Losing hope is never an option.

Then, I had to prepare for my language exams, I tried to give quality time to each and both of them went really well. Knowing it’s your last exam and then you are going to live a stress-free life feels so good that you don’t feel like studying. The same happened with me but my mother reminded me that I needed to cover up in this exam so I started preparing for it and managed to cover the syllabus well in time. I revised everything thoroughly and while writing the exam each and every topic was clear in my mind as I had learned everything by making pointers and flowcharts. Though there was a 5 mark question which disappointed me a lot I knew I had written the other questions well. It was an easy exam, and then my exams were finally over and I was too excited about the holidays, trust me it was the best feeling.

  • The best way to learn a theory subject is to make headings, subheadings, and points. This will help you learn the things in a better way and also in retaining them for a longer time.
  • If you do not know the answer to a particular question, Write whatever you know about the topic because this shows the examiner that you are well aware of the topics and you get the marks (this is tried and tested and it works in every case).
  • Try making flow charts or diagrams to memorize the things.

After a month of a stress-free life and happy days, suddenly news popped up ’10th board exams results to be declared on 5th May’. Now I forgot about everything and started to pray. I assumed my marks and calculated my percentage. I waited for 5th May but there was no news about it. The results were announced on 7th May and I got a call from a friend of mine who lived in Canada, he told me to check my result. I was so full of fear and excitement, I called my mother and opened the result and it was 93.8% with 92 above marks in each subject. I was so happy that I called my grandfather and told him about it, his reaction was so good that it brought tears to my eyes and finally, hard work paid off. I told my father that yes I did it. He was so happy. Everyone was so satisfied, especially my mother who was praying day and night just for me.

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A person who scored 75% in pre-boards, got 93.8% in boards. This was a huge achievement. I feel Boards are peaceful, the fear is only in our minds. When they start you’ll not even realize when they end. Though it was a thrilling experience trust me when you get the result everything seems worth it. It makes you more than just happy when you are able to achieve your goal and make your family happy.

  • Trusting yourself is the most important job to do before the board exams.
  • If you are going to appear for board exams this year or in the future, remember these few things:
  1. You can do it.
  2. For becoming an expert in a certain thing, you need to begin first.
  3. Never doubt yourself, you are capable of everything.
  4. Don’t stop until you’re proud of yourself.

If everyone else can do it , I can do it too..

Now when I look back, I feel instead of worrying I should have trusted myself from the very start because there is nothing I cannot do or achieve. When you make up your mind to do a certain thing, the whole universe will help you achieve that. Positivity and trusting your own self is must to achieve your goals.

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